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penny - May 2

D- you crack me up!!! I know that's what I wanted (BAD)..........but I'm going to try to hold off until the 20th, just to make sure :)


D - May 2

I'm not to the taste it point yet... don't know if I'll ever get there... Isn't there just something wrong with drinking your OWN milk? I suppose it isn't like drinking a gla__s or anything just to get a taste! I've had a few "gushes", but most of the time its just a drop here and there. I just didn't figure on this happening yet... or feeling kicking either! I thought heavier people were supposed to feel it later, and you guys are all pencils next to me!


Robyn - May 2

Yay! Everyone is getting in a better mood...woohoo.....oops....dirty word. Hey whats the dealie with rb? Poor thing wasnt feeling well and went home and said she was going to check in later. Hope she is doing ok. Well All I think I am out for today. Gotta go pay rent. Fun stuff man lemme tell ya!! LOL later ladies!


Robyn - May 2

Personally I have tasted b___st milk yeah I know EWWW...but I was like little and it was my step mom and I thought it would be just like milk. I dont remember what it tasted like though I just remember it being kinda sweet. Also, you dont want to taste your own....I think I would rather taste my own ahem...fluids then some other ladys lol. But hey, to each his own right? LOL. How far along are you D? I know you have prolly said a million times....I feel the flutters but like I said...probably gas...ha ha ha the toots.


D - May 2

:-) no, I really don't want to taste some other womans fluids either... my mom might have been ok... but I'm about 29 years too old for that now! (I'm 30) Blech! Anyways, maybe after I learn to accept the new stage I find myself in! I'm at 16 weeks now... I'm thinking maybe I'm feeling the baby earlier since my fibroid is pushing the baby up higher than it normally would be this early? And really! my belly b___ton IS extra sensitive! And yes, I have the gas problems too... but this felt different, and in a different place... you probably don't want too full a description of that! :)


jess - May 2

hi gals.............i sooo understand about the man thing..........they can be such a__ses, dont they know we need to be spoiled and told we are THE guy was talking about the new girl at work,,,and i had to ask if she was cute, then he told me she was 'probably the youngest and hottest of the bunch'.........well, i so did not need to hear that i am feeling old and whenever he goes to work i think of young hotty there ..........arg men...........robyn i hear ya..........


Steph - May 2

Hey did anyone get new pics up on piczo yet???............Jess???


Cora - May 3

Good morning ladies ! Looks like I am the first to arrive this morning, I was quite shocked to not see a new thread started ... but then again it is only 7:30 am here in Alberta, been awake since 5 am...not bad considering I was asleep by 8 pm last night hehe. I actually had the energy to hit the gym this morning with my gf's. Up until the first few weeks of my pregnancy I used to go to the gym 6 days a week, but havent been in the past few mths of course due to major lack of energy and only wanting to sleep all the time. It actually felt great to go back. I am off to work, have a good day everyone and dont work too


Robyn - May 3

New thread...betcha cant find it....ha ha ha ha



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