New To Second Trimester

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SuzieQ - March 26

Hi everyone - I'm 13 weeks today - and very glad to have gotten this far after two miscarriages in the past. Does anyone have any advice to take to my doctor about the second trimester? I'm not really sure what to ask him or anything. Also, is anyone taking 'stage 2' prenatal supplements? I'm not really sure what they are...


Niki - March 27

Welcome, i know what an accomplishment it is to make it here. It is very exciting. I am 16.4 weeks right now. I got to see my little one last week and the tech said It looks like a BOY!!! It was amazing he was just moving all around and swinging his arms and kicking his legs. We could see his fingers and ribs. We got a really good shot of his profile. You can see is eyes and nose. It really made it real to me, we have heard the heartbeat but seeing him was totally different. I am really excited. I have not heard of the stage 2 supplements i am still taking the same ones i have always taken.


SuzieQ - March 27

That is so cool! I can't wait for my next u/s so I can see more. I had one at 7w, and was thrilled just to see that little heart beating away :) Dh loved it too! We're starting to enjoy this pregnancy a bit more now too. I have a doc appt this week, just a checkup :)


Niki - March 30

Suzie Q have you had your check up yet? Did everything go okay? I feel as if this has been the longest week. I am ready for friday!


Kim L - March 31

Hi Suzie: I keep bumping into you! We have similar stories - I've also had two miscarriages and am now 13w1d. :-) If I remember right, we also had our bubs clocked at the same heart rate during our 7 weeks ultrasounds - 136, right? Glad to hear everything is still going well for you! Will you be finding out the s_x at your next appointment? NIKI: CONGRATS on your little BOY! How wonderful. When are you due?


Chrissythefairy - March 31

Congrats sweetie! Wish you the best ive been in mine for a few weeks now im 16 weeks. I changed my prenatal to the GNC kind because they have an Iron free one and the Iron was making me sick and constipated, those are working fine for me. im not sure what stage 2 are.


SuzieQ - March 31

My second appt went ok - very boring! I've gained 3 lbs and he thought he could feel my uterus from the front - but since I'm fairly tall he said sometimes tall people 'hide' their pregnancies a bit more. Also, I had long cycles, so I may be up to a week behind. For some reason, I'm just not worried about it!?! KimL, I"m not sure about when we're finding out about the s_x. I have an u/s booked on May 5th (AGES away!) and I'll be near the end of my 18th week then. I'm still scared of a second trimester m/c, but I think that's probably normal :) I'm in Canada, and I'm not sure if they'll even tell me the s_x - I'm hoping this one will be very obvious about it! How are you doing?


Betul - March 31

Hi Mommies! Can I join you? I am 13weeks today...yeah! wow, that was the longest 1st trimester I ever I am feeling so much better physically...have been for about a week now. Energy levels are back to normal and wouldnt even know that I was pregnant except for my increasingly expanding belly! Heard the baby's heart via doppler at the last doctor's appt (166bpm at 11 weeks) and I am also scheduled to have a u/s at 18 weeks ( about the same time as you, SuzieQ) I am so excited to know the s_x, I hope they will be able to determine it. I have 5 boys (ages 19-3) so we are all secretly wishing for girl but of course would lovingly welcome a boy!


Chrissythefairy - March 31

i had my visit yesterday i gained 5 pounds from my last visit 3 weeks ago, but that visit was because i just got out the hospital (i had hyperemesis gravidarum) so i was very underweight, when the doctor saw me yesterday she said i need to gain more weight, i told her i gained 5lbs already but actually from the time i found out i was preg ive gained 3 cause cince i lost 2. I already feel so huge how much weight does this lady want me to gain!



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