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Ann - March 12

Hi everyone, I've been reading for about two weeks now and have finally joined this great forum. I've found it to be very helpful with all of the pregnancy symptoms I have been feeling. I am just wondering if anyone has been suffering from sever headaches? I am almost 18 weeks and have had them for almost 8 weeks now. My doctor told me I could take tylenol but its really not that effective. Does anyone have any other suggestions of how to ease some of the pain?


DinaAW - March 12

Ann- I get migraines and sometimes the only thing that helps is excedrin, but since it has caffeine in it I can't take it while pregnant. I use Tylenol and try to rest in a dark ,quiet room. Sometimes sleeping is the only thing that helps. Make sure you get lots of rest and make sure you drink alot! Headaches are very common but not very fun. Hope you feel better!


nett - March 12

Ann- I get frequent sinus headaches which have worsened since becoming pregnant. I just take tylenol and apply heat to my forehead or whatever area is feeling pressure. I bought one of those herb pillow things that you can put in the microwave to heat up and it works wonders. I asked my ob how often I could take tylenol for the pain and she said it was completely safe for baby but that you don't want to take too many doses for your own liver's sake.


jazz - March 13

just a suggestion, but i suffer from migraines even before my pregnancy. Taking otc tyenol is just worthless for me, but my doc gave me tyenol w/codiene and its helps a little. Something i guess that can ask your doc about, and hopefully if will work for you. Good luck.


Steph - March 13

I was getting pretty bad and constant headaches from about week 12 to 18 or so and what worked best for me was to have my neck rubbed (dh did it EVERY night for me!!) and then to heat up a rice sock with lavender in it and have the sock around my neck. It really seemed to help relax the muscles and get rid of my headaches.


pink_roses - March 14

i have been having the same problem. i get migraines and sinus headaches that have been worse. i pretty much have a headache everyday! tylenol does not help. i did get a ma__sage this weekend which seemed to help quite a bit. i have also heard that ice can help with migraines and heat for sinuses. i have also been using a neti pot to "wash" my nasal pa__sages to help drain my sinuses and this seems to help as well. sleep is also a factor as is staying hydrated. it has been hard to keep the balance. i felt great yesterday with no headache and today it is coming back. argh!


miraclebaby - March 14

I went through the same thing bad headaches tylenol, dark room , no noise, sleep and ice no heat it makes the membranes swell worse. If you have sinus take a benadryl and it will help too good luck



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