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Iamamiracleangel - October 9

Is anyone else due at that time? It seems as though lots of you know each other on here, so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Stephanie, living in Monterey, Ca. right now. My husband is an airborne lingust at DLI, we'll be here until after the baby is born in Feb. We found out that we are having a little boy, Logan Michael. I have a history of pre-eclampsia and severe pregnancy complications, so I'll most likely be having him late December, he's a chubby boy weighing in at 15 oz, so I'm hoping everything will be ok. As of right now, I am 22 weeks on the dot. I'm glad I found this forum, so far reading everyone's questions I've realized that I'm having a fairly normal pregnancy. Leave comments if you so choose so we can all chat more! Good Luck, Ladies!


swollenangel - October 9

Hi Stephanie... WELCOME!! You should join the Feb mommies thread! A new one was started a coupla days ago... and we dont mind any new commers, so feel free to post as you wish! I am 22 wks this coming thursday and my next scan next tuesday ... no idea whether girl or boy yet...! Anyway, good luck with everything =)


Mel Page - October 9

Hi there Stephanie, Welcome to the forum babe!!! I'm 3 weeks behind you, I'm now 19 weeks along with a little girl (Meegan). She's 20cm long already and kicking up a storm in here - I'm just loving it!!! I'm from Sout Africa and I'm 27 this yr. This little girl will be my first so everything that's happening to my body and my little girl is new to me! When did you find your bub was a boy? And when is your next doc's appointment babe??


Iamamiracleangel - October 9

My next doc's appointment is on the 15th of Oct, ya know just a standard check up. I wish they'd do an ultrasound EVERYTIME, lol. What's your exact due date, Mel Page? I'm definitely going to join the Feb Mommies thread, sounds like fun!


BeccaBaby1 - October 9

Hi Stephanie. Welcome, welcome. I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow so we're very close. Yes, do join us over at the February group.


jennifer_33106 - October 9

Congrats!! Awe you are having a lil boy!!! YAY!!! Come talk to us on the feb mamas thread!



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