Niagra Falls IN MY BRA

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Laura - May 10

I am 22 weeks and leaking like a waterfall in my bra. What the h__l is going on!!!? Is this normal and do I need to shove maxi pads in there the rest of my pregnancy or will it stop?


Heidi - May 10

I've read other posts where women around 20 wks are leaking too!!! I'm only 16 wks so I guess I better stash some pads in my desk at work! Yeah, what is up with that???


Wanda - May 10

I would just get a box of b___st pads, the thin kind would probably work best.


D - May 10

Mine have been leaking for almost 2 weeks... I'm 17 weeks now. Mostly at night when I squish them by sleeping wrong... I've heard some suggest using pantiliners cut in half instead of b___st pads... supposedly cheaper. Since I haven't been leaking much during the day, I haven't resorted to that yet!


tina - May 10

thank goodness its happening to someone else. now i dont feel so strange. 23 wks, due sept. 3


Erin - May 10

I started at 22 weeks, and now 24 weeks and "getting used to it"....but it's very annoying. I bought the nursing helps, but I have to wear a sports bra to bed with them in there. For some reason it's more at night for me. Tina: I'm due Aug.28 and my cousin is due same day as you. Do you know what you're having?


Mari - May 10

I'm honestly very fearful of this.... I am a child care provider and I get nervous thinking ONE day mine will just start leaking while I hug one of my students...(sigh, I'm only 14 weeks- should I be worry about that happening soon??


Maleficent - May 11

profuse leeaking in pregnancy is pretty rare but not anything to worry about. i *highly* reccomend lansinoh brand b___st pads. they have the same type of gel filler as diapers to soak up the moisture and draw it away from your skin. i litterally poured a whole cup of water onto one and it soaked it up without a leak. and they have adheisive like maxi pads to hold them in place.



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