Night Sweats Anyone

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Kal - April 28

I have been having this(Night Sweats) for the past 2 weeks, am almost 20 weeks less 2 days. Also feel the heat (duh!) but feel chilly's really getting to me, am unable to get a restful nights sleep with rib pains and backache on the sidelines... anyone with me?? does anything help ease it out?? it's driving me crazy, i wake up in the middle of the night really sleepy with my scalp and body all damp and unable to go back to sleep. Hope someone has found a solution to this...or am i the only one here with this???


? - April 28

How old are you? Have you had your thyroid checked? Have you told your doc? If so, what does he say?


Kaly - April 28

I'm 25 and never had any thyroid problems, not any i know of so far. Am going to the the doc's tomm, have to talk to her abt this. any info u know of '?'


*bump* - April 28



Tarah - April 28

I'm 26 weeks and I sweat at night even with the fan on high and the air conditioner cranked up.. or down to a low temp. I usually only sweat on my legs, back, and under my b___sts. It keeps me from getting a good night sleep too! Eventually, when I get sleepy enough, I just fall asleep and the sweating stops. Good luck with finding relief!! =)


To Kaly - April 28

Asked how old you are since older moms (nearing menopause) get that sometimes, and thyroid probs can cause that too. But at your young age, you're probably just having some hormone imbalance at the moment. Let us know what your doc says.


Kara - April 28

I had that in the first 6 weeks, but not since. Prob just another preg symptom. :-)


Kaly - April 29

Tarah, '?' , i sweat on my back, legs and wherever skin meets skin. I spoke to the doc today, looks like it's not something to be worried about. also advised me to take my temp if i got too hot. i think i'm gonna buy another fan or sleep on the foot side of the bed to get more air, it worked a bit last night, slept well after a long time. Kara, good to know i'm not alone.



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