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Patience2008 - May 6

This is going to sound silly but I had a nightmare the other night that they told me my baby was dead and then they did an u/s and it was still alive but the doc was being so mean and nasty and yelling at me to stop crying and everything. Anyways, the baby hasnt done any noticeable movements since then (yesterday) and now Im horribly paranoid. I cant wait for my appt next week now to know that everything is ok. That dream was just so awful I cant get it out of my head. It seems like all I have had for the last week is nightmares. Anyone else plagued with these?


llukenjess - May 6

yes yes yes!! i always have dreams about people trying to kill me....or my dh cheating on me or leaving me or like being really mean...


TJLebrija - May 6

I have had dreams where people I havent seen in YEARS pop back into my life and try to hurt me or the baby. Its crazy!


Patience2008 - May 6

Im glad Im not the only one. I had a dream last night that I was trapped in a cave with my ds and people kept appearing and trying to trade me for him. I was afraid to let go of him cause I thought someone might steal him.


softbreeze200 - May 6

patience - These are totally normal in pregnancy. I ahve had them right from the get go and still have them at 27w! I asked my dr and she said it is a very very normal symptom. So try not to worry about them. To try and get soem movement out of your little one, try drinking something really cold or juice and laydown on your side for about a half hour. That usually helps get them moving. Do not worry, your dream has just got you freaked out. Your little one is fine and just having a couple lazy days the same as we do!! :)


Patience2008 - May 6

Thanks for making me feel better guys. I just hope that some night soon I can get some sleep without all these bad dreams!


MandaMariiex3 - May 7

omg i have such scary dreams i freak out my boyfriend and he asks whats wrong with my brain lol...i had one dream my boyfreind got killed and the docter told me my baby died in the accident but i wasnt even in the car and they had to do a c-sect... and i went to the wake and i saw my boyfriend in the casket with our baby laying on his chest.... but unfortunatlly i cant help b.c they dont stop ...atleast for me =[ as long as we all wake up nowing its not real..but it still sucks n its scary!!!! x3Manda


ejmeskan - May 7

Ok this makes me feel SOOO normal. Llukenjess...mine always consist of DH cheating on me and being REALLY REALLY mean to me about it he will be like "Why would I ever want to be with you anyway" I literally have woken myself up probably 5-6 times from hyberventalating in my dreams (not in real life) because I am so distraught over this. When I wake up I am so upset by it and I can't explain to DH without it sounding funny or silly but it really bothers me a lot!!!


gina94124 - May 12

omg yes! all the time! i dreamed once about me having a premature baby at 6 mnths.& it not being able to breath & it just pa__sed or my b.f leaving me or cheating! ugh! i hate nightmares..makes me so worried at times...


homeworkwithheather - May 13

what is wrong with me???...I have been dreaming about LeBron James, Shia Lebeouf, Andy Warhol, and Beck...but come to think of it, Beck was out to get me....LOL...


julepowers - May 13

That is so funny! I am having quirky dreams like that too! Nothing is wrong with you. i think we all feel like we are going mad. Sometimes my dreams are weird and sometimes they are just plain nightmarish! DH cheating, my dog getting hurt, baby being sick or just disappearing from my belly. Totally nuts! THen, get this, last night I had a dream that I lived in an apartment and had a party and there were a ton of people there. One of them was some naked guy being made fun of because he had a small p___s!!!! and I felt so bad for him and I woke up with anxiety about it in a panic. I have no idea who the man was and I'm also pregnant with a girl. What the hell does that dream mean!!!!



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