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krnj - March 12

Ok I've been having strange dreams lately but last nights was the worst! I kept having the same dream everytime I would fall back to sleep too. It was about a big truck flipping and going into my moms' house. I saw the truck drivers face too but didn't know him.Then there was blood everywhere. Sorry for the vent & TMI but it really freaked me out!!


Cathy2 - March 12

I have also been having very vivid dreams since I've been pregnant! I dream about all sorts of good and bad things in really amazing details...I don't know if the hormones actually have an effect on this, if it's that I am spending so much more time sleeping, or if the excessive dreaming is a result of my heightened emotional state in general...who knows?


rjrmi - March 12

I have always been a calm person who has pleasant dreams and can fall asleep anywhere, any time. I have been having really weird disturbing dreams OR, I will wake up at 3:00AM and just lay there and think about things. It's like my brain is going a hundred miles a minute and I CAN'T stop it! (It's helped me catch up on alot of reading though!) It's amazing how used to not sleeping you can get!


DownbutnotOUT - March 13

I have very vivid dreams and once again the nightmares have returned, must I say they are not as bad as they were with my previous pregnancies. the worst thing is though I dont wake up I just continue on with the horrifying dream, gah.


jenshim - March 13

Yeah, I have disturbing dreams just about every night. Last week terrorists threw grenades into my house and sprayed acid into my eyes!! Strange thing is, I woke up with VERY bloodshot eyes! Then last night I had a dream that the whole world was b__wn up. Everyone's houses, everything. So I got this group of people together to go loot some food (imagine that!) from the grocery store. They all grabbed a bunch of stuff, but it took me so long because I was gathering so much for each meal, rolls for breakfast, milk, fruits and veggies, etc, etc...that by that time the workers there caught on and were working the cash registers. They made ME pay. So I started putting stuff back. That's when I woke up. Of course, I woke up hungry. Starting to get that "truck drivers" appet_te now!!


lawlady72 - March 13

I have really vivid dreams too ranging from scary to really s_xy to just plain bizarre. One woke me up so frightened that I refused to go back to bed because I just knew it would come back.


sophie elise - March 15

Oh my God, I'm so happy to see dreams have been freaking me out...Sometimes it's like I'm afraid to sleep because my dreams are so real. When I wake up, I often feel like I've actually been acting out the dreams and I'm still tired..but for some reason when I wake up at 2..3...4...I'm not tired...and I have a hard time falling asleep again.. JENSHIM - have you ever read "Blindness" by Jose Saramego? your dream sounds just like one of the scenes in the book. I found that kinda strange!! Have a good night everyone!


krnj - March 15

Thanks ladies! Glad I'm not the only one!


ChattyKathy - March 15

This weekend I had a dream where I was bleeding and pa__sed what looked like a chicken egg. I was hysterical and threw it against the wall, when I realized that was my baby. My mother put a cloth over it and handed it to me, the cloth fell to an outline of the baby. Yeesh. It didn't help that I started spotting that weekend. Those kinds of dreams really stress me out.


pops - March 15

i two have been having bad nightmares since i found out i am expecting ive been told it means im worrying about when shes born and coping ok


Megan P - March 15

I've been having a lot of dreams about death and coping and/or trying to prevent death or injury. Most of it is about trying to protect my twin sister- Last night in my dream a policeman came to my house to tell me she had died. In the dream it was a combination of her drinking and driving and of her being murdered. It was AWFUL and I tried to call her at 5am just to see if she was okay!


Amanda19 - March 15

I'm almost 21w and I've had 3 dreams of ma__s murder (seriously disturbing murders), 2 or 3 of being told I was dying of cancer and last night a dream my dh died of a heart attack and was then eaten by sharks. I'm scared to go to sleep anymore because they really scare the c___p out of me. I started out having s_x dreams, where the heck did they go? lol.


Allisonc79 - March 15

lol.. wow having a heart attack then getting eaten by sharks, thats terrible! Most of the time I don't really remember my dreams but they have gotten more intense since I became preggo. It's nice to itleast have someone there with you while you sleep, I usually just grab my sweetie and then I'll stop dreaming bad.


wailing - March 15

I had AWFUL nightmares a few weeks ago and I know that alot of other women posting did also. We think it has to do mostly w/ the hormone increases, and of course all the body changes. Mine eventually stopped...but they were pretty terrible. Good Luck:) Maybe try reading or watching something funyy b4 bed?


myhusband2catsandbaby - March 16

I dream nearly every night my dh is having an affair! We has never been unfaithful and is a good husband so I don't know where this is coming from. The dreams are so vivid that I actually wake up angry at him.


wailing - March 16

I had those same type of dreams also!!! Either I was cheating or he was. I was so angry in the morning I wouldn't talk to him....they eventually went away too and were replaced w/ strange birthing scenarios.


lawlady72 - March 16

I had dreams about guys I used to know (not anything more than friends) and all of a sudden we are doing some seriously s_xy stuff in my subconsciencous, then I dreamt the girl I work with who just gave birth invited me over to see the baby, but when I got there she was holding an empty blanket and acting like it was a baby. I asked her husband and he said "she never had a baby, she lost it, but she pretends she has one.......YIKES that one kept me up all night!!!!



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