Nipples Itching During Pregnancy

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Elena - March 27

Hi I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant and my nipples itch like crazy. Anyone ever had this before??


meg - March 27

Yes! I thought that I was going crazy for a little while! My bbs never hurt at all, but from weeks 12-15 my nipples itched all of the time. Then one day, they just stopped. Now, I'm almost 17 weeks & no more itching. It will end. :)


Been There - March 27

Try to just use water or a gentle soap. Then try a thick lotion or body cream to soothe them. It should help and the itching should die down some once the nipples adjust. I think it's because the areola is enlarging and that affects the skin, making them itch more. So once they're done enlarging, they should calm down.


Elena - March 27

Thanks so much. I was really freaking out wondering what the heck is going on. I found some relif with ice. A little cold but feels some much better. Thanks ladies once again.


Deb - March 28

Yeah, mine were really itchy at around 14 weeks, but now at 25 weeks they aren't too bad. I rub cocoa b___ter on them everyday though and it seems to help.


drea - March 28

i'm 15 weeks and not only do my nipples itch, but my entire b___b itches like crazy. i tried the Palmers anti-itch oil, but it gave me a rash so i stopped. hopefully it will subside soon, b/c my b___bs have grown tremedously. good luck all :-)


Revel - March 28

im 23 weeks adn i still itch like crazy on my b___sts but i have been leaking colosterum since 15 weeks adn im already gettin my milk in adn im first time mom :o i hope thats normal lol


elisabeth - March 29

i'm at 16 weeks and my entire b___b itches right along with my entire belly. i itch so much i have red marks all over. but the lotion does seem to help some


Kara H. - March 29

Try using Aveno skin soothing lotion. It is an anti-ich lotion. My started out just being ichy on the nipple, but then moved to the inside edge surface of my b___st. I noticed strech marks forming last week, so I ran out and got some Nivea Cream. I have tried palmers, but it gave me a rash. So far the Nivea cream feels great and hasn't a rash.


Kim L - March 30

Oh yes, both b___bs, all the time. I'm 13 weeks. I wondered if it was because I was small to start and have grown almost a cup size...? Who knows! I've just been slathering them with Jergens every morning.



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