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MuzikGurl - July 14

I am going on 19 weeks and I have recently for the past week almost two weeks noticed I don't really want to eat but I get hungry and nothing appeals to me and if I force myself to eat something I end up feeling pukey. Overall, I am feeling fine I don't feel sick, my stomach muscles are aching and I'm so tired all the time but, besides that I'm ok I just was wondering when will I get the cravings to eat more? and how do you deal with cramping I cramp off and on almost everyday and I'm not worried about it but it sure hurts at times I take tyenol and take warm baths and use ice sometimes but, it still happens...I know these are minor compared to others on here but, just curious I guess...thanks.


srigles - July 14

Hi MuzikGurl, I'm at 20 weeks and don't have any appet_te either. Things I used to love I can't even stand now, and even when I'm starving, it only takes a few bites before I'm stuffed. I have cramps pretty much every day, too - I've had them since 6 weeks on and off, but all tests are normal - and it's nice to hear someone else is the same! :) I take Tylenol when they get really annoying, and every now and then a drink of water works as well, but not every time. Guess it'll all pa__s eventually.... Good luck!


olivia - July 14

I have not appet_te either. I feel like I force feed myself and it is not fun. Hopefully it will pick up soon, I am 17 weeks along and worry about my calorie intake. My tummy is getting bigger but everyone says my arms, legs, and face are gettting thinner. I hope I get an appet_te soon! I just drink a full gla__s of water for cramps. Water and laying down for about 20 minutes seem to do the trick. Dehydration causes cramps a lot, so make sure you are drinking water or a sports drink. Good luck!


MuzikGurl - July 16

thanks, it seems to be off and on it depends like h/she won't eat unless I give them ice cream and then we are's funny. Here lately my pee has been kinda dark and I don't know why like one day it will be really light the next very's kinda scary...I have been drinking more and more water everyday but, I don't know why it seems to be so pain or anything just dark urine and I heard that is a sign of not enough water but, I'm confussed if it's not enough water then how come yesterday it was nice and clear and very light color and now it's dark??? I don't know..



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