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jmnoonan - February 13

I am 19 weeks pregnant and do not get health insurance till March 1st. I have had 1 ultrasound (emergecy everything okay), but have not been to an OBGYN appointment. I have my first scheduled for 3/1. My nurse has me worried though because she said I am missing all sorts of tests. What sort of tests are done in your first few visits? It is nice to have psople to talk to as it is my 1st and none of my friends have had kids yet.


Laura - February 13

Hi, They due blood tests at your first appointment within the first 2 months. Check urine for protien. At 16 weeks they do the AFP/triple screen which checks for Spina bifida, down syndrome and 2 other diseases. Hope all works out for you. I am 17 1/2 weeks. anxious to know what I am having!


jmnoonan - February 13

Thank you! I am anxious as well, I am hoping that I will be able to tell what I am having at the ultrasound at my first appointment. It will nice to have piece of mind. I have a million questions for my OBGYN.


Olivene - February 13

I think the only really important ones are the ones that test for diseases YOU might have. I declined the triple screen anyway because there are many many false positives, and the rate for recognizing real problems is only in the 60-something percentage. I just didn't see the need to put myself through it (a possible false positive). It wouldn't change the outcome. The urine check for protein becomes more important in later pregnancy, I think. I think you and Baby will be fine!


jmnoonan - February 14

I knew I was missing the triple screen, and i was not bothered by that as I would have declined it anyways. I feel great so I am not quite as concerned as the nurse said I ought to be. Only 2 more weeks till the appointment though which is good.


me - February 14

I am 16 weeks and wont see a doc till friday for 1st time due to insurance delays also. I too feel great and haven't felt guilty about it being so long to see a doctor. In my opinion even if there was something wrong they can't do anything till it's born anyways. Atleast let me enjoy my pregnancy stress free if there were to be any complications. But my belly is growing good, no m/s, lots of bloating, I even felt flutters sunday for the 1st time. It was pretty cool !!!


jmnoonan - February 14

It's good to hear I am not the only one! I have just started feeling movement last week, it is amazing.



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