No Fluttering Yet

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kittenkat - October 5

im in my 16th week and it says that i should be feeling butterflies in my stomach by my 14th week, but i haven't. is something wrong?


m - October 6

nothin to worrie about i'm just over 20 weeks and haven't felt anything yet we just have stuburn children :)


Emy - October 6

I am 20 weeks and started feeling baby last week. For some people (depending on position of the baby) it takes time. Hope you feel him/her soon!


Christi - October 6

I am 18 weeks and havent really felt much of anything.


jb - October 6

You usually will feel flutters around 18-20 weeks. So dont freak out!


Rhonda - October 6

hi all I am 22wks and my little guy moves like crazy but you have to remember your baby is moving you may just not be able to feel it yet I just got a level 2 sono done on Oct 4th and it is really clear and even though I feel alot of movement I was seeing movement on the screen that I did not feel so just give it some time and you will be feeling it really soon...also remember if you have more weight on you or the placenta may be in the way and if this is your first you maybe feeling it and think it is gas bubbles ha ha lol good luck


Beth - October 6

I JUST got back from my MD appt. and he said you should not feel any movement until AT LEAST 16 weeks but more than likely closer to 20, so rest a__sured kittenkat!


kr - October 6

I agree with all these ladies. My doc said my placenta was right in front, cushioning any b__ws I would feel.


K - October 6

I'm 17 weeks and not really feeling anything either.


Terra - October 7

They say alot of women start feeling a little bit of something between the 18th and 22nd week, and even then it vary's.. And it really depends on if you have been pregnant before.. I remember feeling my first kick at the end of my fourth month with my first, and that was definate. Before that I didn't feel a whole lot. I'm 15 wks now, and just felt a little feeling like a piece of popcorn popping, but other then that I haven't felt much either yet.. But we all will. It also depends on how pet_te you are as well they tell me, that will make a difference... more padding, less sensations until the baby gets more vigorous. Good luck, and dont' worry


Karen - October 7

Hi! Don't worry at all. Every woman is different. I felt faint fluttering around the 16th week, but most times thought it was something else. One thing to make note of, it is not consistent. I was freaking out because I would only feel something once or twice a week and thought something was wrong. Now I am in my 20th week and feel her moving all the time. Very normal to have more feeling later. If after your 23rd week nothing, maybe get checked, but you will see, it is going to happen sooner than later. :-)


March_Mommy06 - October 7

Hey! I am 16 1/2 weeks along and I have been feeling the baby since about 14 weeks. But sometimes, when I havent that day, I drink OJ and lay down and the sugar makes her move around a lot! Its rea__suring to feel her move. But if you havent yet, dont worry! Its still fine. I am just really skinny and the doc said thats why I feel it better and sooner! :)



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