No Kicking Yet

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Tasha - November 14

I was wondering if Im normal with not being able to feel baby yet. Im 20 weeks and 2 days and not been able to yet. Maybe I just dont know what they feel like, but everyone says you'll know. Please respond....


Tracy - November 14

I talked to my doctor about feeling the baby kick and she said that it just depends on you. She said that with her first, she did not feel her baby kick until 23 weeks. I am still early, only 16wks 3 days and I have not felt anything. I am quite sure that it is just fine, but I know how much we want to feel them. Good Luck.


tasha - November 14

Thank you Tracy, I really want to feel it since Im a parinod first time Mom so waiting 4 weeks to see the doctor every month makes me nervous, I would like that kicking to reasure my mind.


MLS - November 14

i'm 21 weeks tomorrow and just started feeling mine. this is my second...they say you're supposed to feel your second one sooner, but I guess that's a load of c___p. (in my case anyway) every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. I know how anxious you are to feel those kicks though....just puts you at ease. don't worry. it'll come.


Ronni - November 14

Hi Tasha, i am 18 weeks/2days and dont think i have felt anything yet. i went to the dr. today, and he said that it is nothing to worry about, it's still early.


Mich - November 15

I am currently 21 weeks and i have been felling my peanut since about week 14. well that was the first time i felt it and it was uncommon from then until about 17 weeks. From then i feel it going mad in there all the time! its so fantastic, it really lets you know that its all happening. i wouldnt worry though you will feel it when its ready. lots of people i know have said they didnt feel it till much much later than i am now so dont stress. plus by making you hang out all this extra time when you do feel it you will be over the moon! i find i can feel the little bub the most first thing in the morning when i lay on my back. i can tap on my tummy and play with it! if bub lets a a big kick you can feel it on the outside of my tummy too which i didnt thinnk was that common at 21 weeks but like everyone says every pregnancy is different so dont let books etc tell you when you should and shouldnt be doing/feeling things!!


Terra - November 16

is this your first baby?? Maybe you missed some movement when it was there, mistaking it for gas etc... This is my second, so I started feeling my baby a couple wks ago... Even if the odd big kick etc as signs.. Sometimes I think they kinda slow down at certain points when they're having more growing to do.. But I'm not 100%. I'm 21wks tomorrow



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