No Kicking Yet Normal

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kazforrest - October 28

Im 18wks 5 days and I dont really have much movement yet if atall. Sometimes i think i feel the baby but not consistently and im not sure that what it is. Is this normal, should it not be kicking me by now? I had a scan at two weeks ago and it was moving around.


mgn - October 28

kaz, dont worry sweety. i heard most women dont feel anything until 20 weeks. if u saw ur little angel in there moving around, then all is fine. he or she just isnt big enough yet or if they are, u may not realize what ur feeling. it will come. god bless.


Gemini_Girl - October 28

Hi Kaz I wouldnt worry too much, although I did! I didnt start feeling any movement till I was on on wk 23, if you have an anterior placenta (which I have) then it means you dont feel any movements till later on. My advice if is if you feel "funny" feelings in your stomach and you need to question if it is the baby moving then it probably is :)


HeavenisMine - October 28

Oh yes, right now that can be perfectly normal. I felt the slightest things at 18 weeks, and did not know sometimes if it was baby or not, and could go for days without any feeling. I think by 21-22 weeks I knew exactly what was the baby and what was not. Much like you I was worried about it. I know I felt my first flutter around 17 weeks, but as far as being sure, that wasn't till after 21 weeks. A lot of women just don't know when baby is moving that early on. I am 36weeks6ds and still sometimes I know I miss her movement and only realize it when she kicks, or when I am in a state of mind where I am not busy.


kazforrest - October 29

Thanks for putting my mind at ease. you never understand the cliche 'i just want it to be healthy' until your pregnany yourself. How true is it!!


Stephanie_31 - October 30

I am 18 weeks tomorrow and I don't feel much either. DO you know where your placenta is? Mine is low int he front so it buffers all the movement. I can feel really high kicks, around my belly b___ton and to the side. I can also feel lumps, like when the baby is streaching and the head is pushing hard against the side. Nothing else difinitive and this is my second.


kazforrest - October 30

my obyn hasnt mentioned anything odd about my placenta but i will ask at my monthly check-up tomorrow.I thought i felt a nudge or two this am but it might have been something else.


tish212 - October 31

an early kick doesn't feel like a feels like gas bubbles that never truly "move on" this is gonna seem like tmi...but this is what me and all my friends/family have agreed is the best way to describe early kicks.... u know how when u have bad gas u feel that bubble or gurgle moving through ur intestines till u pa__s it...early kicks feel like that but u never pa__s the gas....later when ur baby gets bigger kicks feel like small muscle spasms .... I didn't realize my babies kicks were kicks till I started ur baby is prolly kicking away anduve felt it u just didn't attribute that feeling to the baby.... once ur baby gets bigger tho ull know lol...especially when little feet poke up or a head pushes against ur side...


sarah21 - October 31

Normal, normal, normal! I didn't really feel it until now (19 weeks). I then realized that I had been feeling it all along but thought they were ligament pains. Turns out the baby was just kicking harder than I thought it could.



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