No Kicks

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krissy79 - May 24

Am I freaking out too much if I haven't felt a definite kick then yet? I'm 20 weeks....


HannahBaby - May 24

nope, dont worry about it. My first baby was kicking my a__s by 20 weeks and this baby i barely feel once or twice a day and im 20 weeks.


drea - May 24

I'm 23 weeks and I started feeling "real kicks" within the last two weeks, but it isn't always a "kick" sometimes it feels like bubbles are popping. Dont worry, you'll start feeling it soon. Everyone's body is different and the babies are positioned differently. Try and eat something sweet and then lay on your left side. Also, I usually feel her the most when I'm sitting still or lying down. Dont worry, I'm sure everything is fine. Good Luck


Ashleyg - May 24

i am 20w5d and i havent felt any kicks yet either...we had an ultrasound already and they said eveything looked great and the baby was moving around like crazy but it is still making me nervous! what gives? i am probably just being impatient but i want to feel my little man wiggle around or something!!


Tanya2 - May 24

Don't worry about it. this is my second pregnancy and they say you are supposed to feel it earlier but I didn't start feeling movements until 21 weeks and now (i'm almoast 26 weeks) they are more intense, but some days I'm so busy that i don't feel them, i have to remind myself to try and remember to relax and feel the baby move. If you are really worried you can always contact your doctor, but i think it is still early, give it a few more days and then see.


jnine29 - May 24

i'am 17 weeks with twins i have just feet them move :D:D:D:D:D:D


sarah jane rogers - May 25

Hey everybody. Last time i used these forums i was in the infertility section now i am 22wks pregnant and so excited. I am having a little baby girl. I have felt movement since wk 18 but don't think i have felt a real kick. When does that happen? They tell me my placenta is too close to my uterus so i may have to have a ceaserian something i did not even consider on my first. But hey all i can hope for is that my little one is healthy? Any advise i am open too.


DJ - May 25

Don't worry I was freaked out too but my doctor let me hear the heart beat to help me relax... I'm 20 weeks yesterday due oct and haven't felt definate kicks only nudges but I thought i'd feel it earlier than this since is my second.


CaliTrish - May 26

I'm 20w5d and haven't felt a thing either. They told me at my U/S that I have an anterior (up front) placenta and it would take longer before I felt anything. Still, you'd think I'd feel a "bubble" or two. Heard the heart beating strong last week, so I'm not worried. I'm sure he'll kick plenty soon enough.


lexa - May 26

Don't worry, its coming! With my first pg, I didn't feel anything for a long time and was pretty scared. This time (I am 21 weeks) that seems to be all I feel. At my last appt (17 weeks) they asked me if I felt the baby move at all and I said no. The doc said just wait, once I do it won't stop (she wasnt lieing) She couldn't get the heartbeat too well because the baby was all over the place. Anyway, I felt horrible because it took 3 weeks after that before I felt anything. At this stage in pg, you are more likely to feel the baby move if you are relaxed. Try to lay down and just be as relaxed as possible. It's coming! As drea said, lay on your side. You may feel it more then also.


sofs - May 28

I'm 19 wks&3 days and worried cos i've only felt "flutters" on a few occasions, but no kicks. I feel relieved to see that other women are in the same position as me. I guess we have to more patient and stop stressin!


Angiconda - May 28

I wouldnt worry to much a friend of mine is a week behind me she is 25 weeks and she just felt the baby for the first time on Friday. I have been feel my little guy move for awhile niw, just give it time then they dont stop moving. My doctor said between 18-22 weeks you should feel movement



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