No Movement During Ultrasound

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Jenny - July 29

Hi, I am 14 weeks pregnant and just had my first ultrasound a few days ago as part of the quadruple test. The baby's heartbeat was normal at 155, but the baby was not moving at all. The scan only lasted about 8 minutes. The technician said the baby was probably sleeping. Also, I couldn't see any limbs in the pictures they gave me. Does the OB check to make sure the baby has all of its limbs at this stage or can they not tell yet? He said the results of the ultrasound were "normal" but I'm not sure what this means. This will be our first baby, and I'm very excited...but also a little nervous.


Ashley - July 29

I am no doctor, but im sure that YOUR doctor would have told you if something is up. I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks and all there was was "buds" no flailing arms and Im sure you and the baby are fine, the doc would have given you a heads up if he saw something wrong. Ultrasound pictures arent always the best, even in my 18 week, some parts were just EMPTY, I would see a hand and upper arm but the lower arm would be black. No worries. Im sure everything is A-Ok happy pregnancy!


Ashley - July 29

Oh and hey, you can go here and look at ultrasounds around the time of yours..... :)_ - July 29

Ashley is right -- no flailing arms and lets, just buds. They should have measured the femur to get a weight and size for the baby. Other than that they just sort of look real quick for arms and legs and make sure they're there. They don't always stop and let you see it so you may have just missed it. And had anything been wrong (i.e. missing limb) the tech would have informed doctor who would in turn inform you immediately.


tina - July 29

14 weeks is way too early to see anything. i had an ultrasound done at 15.5 weeks and couldn't make out anything but a head. at my 19.5 week ultrasound, i saw clearly hands, arms, legs etc. your babe is just fine:)


Sonia - July 30

I see my baby likes to be in the spotlight early. I'm 15 weeks and had my u/s show EVERYTHING... all images were very clear and we even saw a little fist! I'm sure not all ultrasounds are as clear and that you just need to give it a few more weeks, but in the meantime you should be calm, I'm sure everything is ok, congrats!


lovely bee - July 31

At my 14 week ultrasound the baby was moving constantly and we could see all limbs and spine even a hand and face, it was exciting as for yours i am sure everthing is alright, they would tell you otherwise, at your 20 week you will be able to make out everything so just wait and see, i think your little one is just shy:)


Hanna - August 1

I had an u/s in my 13th week. The baby didn't move at all at first so I immediately asked if everything was ok. She said that babies don't move all the time! They rest too! And sure enough a couple of minutes later I saw it move a little. I don't think you have anything to worry about either. Good luck!


Amanda - August 1

I am sure everything is fine with your baby. I had v____al ultrasound done at 7 weeks 3 days and you could clearly see the little buds for arms and legs as well as buds for hands and feet. The baby was even moving one arm up and down. I could see the face as well as the spine. But v____al ultrasounds are always soooo much better than the stomach ones. I have another ultrasound at 22 weeks and I am sure I will just be amazed going from 7 weeks to 22 weeks the difference :)


karen - August 3

I have an ultrasound done at 16 weeks and could see the long legs and arms. She sucked her thumb and was bouncing up and down. It was the sweetest thing! Maybe you should drink a latte before your next ultrasound. That might wake the baby up.



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