No Movement In 24 Hours

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orb - January 12

I am 22 weeks pg with my second child. I have had lots of movement since about 17 weeks, and felt the baby every day almost constantly until two days ago. However, since then, I have felt no movements. I've tried cold water and sweets and changing positions and all of that, but can't get baby to move. Should I be concerned?


Faye84 - January 12

I wouldnt be, My doc told me that you wont begin to feel regular movements until your are around 24 weeks. Although for me I have felt the baby move everyday for at least a week now and im 22w 5 d. Try calling the doc and see what they say, Im sure its nothing to worry about.


jessica72 - January 12

I won't lie, that would make me concerned as well as I usually feel her at regular times everyday since 22wks. But to piggy back on what Faye said, I'm sure all is well and that the baby is moving perhaps when you are sleeping or busy moving. Visit your doctor so they can listen to the baby's heartbeat and that will put you at ease. Hugs. :)


viv - January 12

I'd freak out 2 if I were you since I already freak out over teeny things.But I'm sure the baby is fine and it prob. settled to a certain position.Just to give you a piece of mind,go see the dr and listen to the heartbeat and you'll relax.


kerryv - January 12

try a big gla__s of oj and lay on your side for one hour and really focus on it. your baby may be moving and you just have missed it. though i dont think i started to feel regular movements until about 24 weeks and do remember getting concerned when i didnt.


DownbutnotOUT - January 12

what i would do is turn on some cla__sical music and use headphones and put the headphones on my tummy and drink a nice caffinated can of pop/soda. If the baby than doesnt move in the next hour or so I would get a little concerned and might just do an early visit with my dr. With saying that my 2nd baby was so lethargic and would go days and days without moving at times but when i did that sure enough he would give me a kick or two and that was it. He is now 3 1/2 years old a a veyr active little boy, funny how that worked out lol.


babyonboard16 - January 15

orange juice worked my baby did that yesterday i took a few sips and she was bouncing around


SaraH - January 15

Since you've been feeling it everyday for a few weeks I would certianly call the doc to double check. Chances are it's just still small enough that when it's turned around and kicking towards your back, your just not feeling it. However, it's your child and it's better to be safe then sorry. Since you've had lots of regular movement for a month, I'd call and ask the doc if they want to check the baby out. Good luck



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