No Movement Yet

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Lisa - June 28

I am 20 weeks pregnanant today and so far I have felt no movement. I have to say I am a bit worried at this stage. Has any else experienced this and if so when did you feel the first movement.


Kim - June 28

I didn't feel much movement at all until about 21-22 weeks and my doctor says that this is normal, especially since I am pretty active. I still don't feel it every day and usually only after I eat. A lot of people on here feel it earlier but I have friends who haven't felt anything until about 24 weeks. Hang in there, it will happen soon enough.


Mythili - June 28

It is really hard to feel the baby unless you are sitting in a quiet place. If you are moving around and doing things you won't feel it.


janine - June 28

when i was nervous about not feeling movement my doctor told me to drink orange juice and lay flat on my back for a minute (with a pillow under my head)...he said you can usually feel the baby when you do that....otherwise wait a week or two, im sure you will be feeling him/her


Amy - June 28

I will start my 21st week tomorrow. I think I have felt the slight fluttery feeling people talk about. But, I have not felt any consistent movement either. Last week I had my ultrasound and I could not believe how much the baby was moving all around and kicking "her" legs and swinging her arms up and down. I was amazed that I was not feeling any of it as it was happening. That made me feel better about everything, I was able to see that she was fine even though I didn't feel it at all. So, I imagine very soon I will feel her kicking and punching like crazy. HA HA! If you haven't had your ultrasound yet, maybe seeing your baby move all over will help alleviate your fears. Best of luck to you all!


Tara - June 29

Don't be too concerned. I am 20 weeks and can't feel any movement yet, though I have seen the baby is very active through ultrasounds. My Doctor told me that my placenta is sitting at the front of my stomach and the movements would be muffled through that. In my first pregnancy I didn't feel any movement until about 22 weeks.



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