No Prenatal Vitamins Consequences

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Abigail - May 11

Hi! I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I haven't taken my prenatal vitamis. I took them for about 1 week when I first got them but since my nausea was soooo bad I stopped taking them. I was just wondering if there could be any consequences from not taking the vitamins. And will it make a difference if I start taking them now?


austynsmommy - May 11

I can't take prenatal vitamines either. I just take a flinstone vitamine everyday. I did It with my daughter and now I'm doing it with this pregnancy. My daughter is two and healthy and smart. And I'm 19 weeks pregnant and everything is going good.Good Luck


ThePezChick - May 11

I'm doing the prenatals, but I heard 2 Flintstones would do you just fine.


SuzieQ - May 11

phew! I thought I was the only one! I've been trying to take them, but I just totally forget!!! It sounds so lame, but I just don't even think of them! So I only get about 3 or 4 a week.


Abigail - May 12

It's nice to know I'm not the only one!!! I'm going to TRY to take them from now on and if I can't I'll start taking flinestones. Thank you all.


Abigail - May 12

Is there anyone out there that didn't take vitamins at all and had a healthy baby???


Susan W - May 12

I probably only took them about half the time with baby #1, and he was beyond healthy. I only used one bottle the whole pregnancy (oops!) because I forgot. He was 11.5 lbs!! The most important part is in the first few weeks, and then to make sure you have enough iron for the latter part of pregnancy. If you are eating meat and other iron-laden food, you'll be OK.


mcatherine - May 12

From what I understand, there are many other countries that don't even prescribe prenatals to their pregnant moms - and they have healthy babies all the time. As long as you have a good habits and diet, I wouldn't think there would be a problem with taking the more natural approach....


Evonna - May 12

I take my prenatal vitamins everyday, as my doctor said it is very important to take them to prevent birth defects and other problems. So i made sure i took them. But if you are eating healthy everyday, then taking prenatal vitamins are not needed. I don't eat healthy everyday so i need to take my prenatal vitamins so i have a healthy baby.


iakram - May 12

Hi Abigail - I have a son who's 4 years old and I never took prenatal vitamins. Mainly b/c I couldn't swollow them without gagging everytime. This time my nausea wasn't that extreme so before I got to bed I take the horse pill and lie down. But to answer your questions about a healthy baby yes my son was completely healthy! Towards the end when I was preg with him - I had to take iron supplements but that's all. So long as you're eating right and getting your vitamins from the food you should be fine.


Tjane - May 12

I had and have the same problem. I have been taking Flinstones with Iron (2 a day) and doctor said that was fine......


Kim L - May 12

It's great if you take them but if you don't I wouldn't worry. All I can say is, I took them religiously with my first two pregnancies and lost both babies before the 2nd trimester. I've been much more sick with this pregnancy so haven't taken them since about 9 weeks. And it's the healthiest looking baby by far! I'm 19 weeks. :-) I'm quite sure that women have been having babies for centuries without prenatals and doing it just fine. Just take care of yourself best you can and everything in moderation!


Steph - May 12

With my daughter, I could not take the prenatals at all. I would get sick no matter what, so I quit taking them at about 8 weeks. (and I found out I was pregnant at about 6 weeks). I never took any other vitamins throughout the entire pregnancy and my daughter is now a healthy 7, almost 8 year old. Your baby is going to get all the vitamins it needs from you. You should try restarting your pills now because as you get into your 3rd trimester, your baby and you need the extra vitamins. ;o)


bhouchen - May 13

I wouldn't worry to much. I am the same way, I forget to take them. I figure back in the old days when no one took prenatal vitamins and there are a lot of old fogies out there who are just fine.


eclipse - May 16

I actually talked to my doctor about this because I couldn't swallow mine, so I wouldn't take them. She said a few times a week is probably enough, but she prescribed me chewable prenatals, which actually aren't too bad. I still forget to take them, though. :)


Karen_Fletcher - May 17

Hi, here in the UK an pregnant mum is only recommened to take folic acid for the first 12 weeks as afterwards the spinal column has been formed and then the folic acid really doesnt do anythng else (thats what my midwife told me) My vits used to make me sick sometimes but i tried to take them and i only forgot twice.... but they should be able to tell you if there is anything wrong at a 20wk anomoly scan, but just remember, even if there was, it wouldnt be linked directley to not taking pre natal vits. hope this helps some :o)


yourtrish - May 18

Bleah. Thank God. I don't take mine anymore and really haven't thought twice about it. Because of my gallbladder problems and health issues, they are too hard for me to digest so I stopped them at around week 14. But, if it's any consolation, I've been through surgery and numerous hospitalizations because of all this stuff, and each time stopped eating. Every time I went into the hospital I freaked out about not getting the baby the nutrients it needs, but the doctors always tell me the same thing...the baby will take what it needs from my body and be fine. So, considering I couldn't eat for weeks and was on an IV drip for hydration NPO (nothing by mouth), I would say that if you are eating a balanced diet and simply forgetting a few vitamins every now and then, you have nothing to feel guilty about. Just do your best!



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