No So Starving

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shortcake - June 1

Hey I just got to it normal to not be SUPER starving much anymore at 23 weeks? I had insatiable hunger around week 10 onwards but I just started to notice that I'm not eating every couple hours like I use to...I'm ok with having breakfast at 8, lunch at noon and dinner by 7 with out much inbetween snacking. I kinda miss that ubber starvation lol! Does it pick back up later on?


shortcake - June 1

sorry that should have read "NOT so starving" lol


lexa - June 1

Hi there shortcake. I am like you right now. I am 22 weeks, and my appet_te just went downhill lately. I am not hungry for breakfast until at least 11 am. Then I'm not hungry again until 4 or 5. Sometimes I'll get hungry for a snack around 9, but that isn't too often. I also noticed that when I do go to eat my meals, I can't eat it all. I'll get half way through and all of the sudden "I'm full" mode hits me and I feel if I take one more bite, I'll lose it (sorry, tmi). I don't know if it will get any better for you or not. I know when I was pregnant with my first, this happened to me then also, and it continued the whole time. I just make sure to make myself eat the 3 meals, and include healthy foods in them. Sorry, this probably didn't help you much:-(


Erynn21 - June 2

I have gotten the same way but, it's not everyday. I am 26 wks. and just am not a complete eating machine. I am hungry, but not constantly. I also have "hungry" days and yesterday was one, but the day before that I basically had to force myself to eat. The physical demands change so much throughout pregnancy, this is just another one.


mandee25 - June 2

I used to be hungry a lot from weeks 7-10 but now I am 16 w pregnant and the insatiable hungry feeling has gone back to normal.


cmfqueens - June 2

Hey ladies I'm the total oppostie. I want to chow down on everything in sight. I feel like a savage. At first I lived on crackers and yohoo because thats all I could hold down. But now its like I can't stop. I fell like I have never eaten before. I mean I do get full but I'm ready for something elese in and hour ar two. Yikes!!!!!! I do not want to gain a lot of weight. My metabolisim has slowed greatly since I have become older. With my Daughter Angel I gained an unhealthy amount of weight I think. (around 45lbs) but was in a little bikini a month later and looked great. now pre-preagnancy I have been around a size 10 from a five a few years ago.


cmfqueens - June 2

Oh but I do include alot of fruit and veggies when I chow down...;0



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