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Diana - July 5

I don't want to whine- but I am 19 wks prego and barely showing, I have gained a total of 3 lbs and my boyfriend doesn't sympathize with any pregnancy complaint I have. I should not be tired or irritated or asking him to do anything, I know that if I were huge he would be better. I wish he understood that I still have a lot going on even if I don't "look" pregnant. I vented and feel better.


Robyn - July 5

I feel ya Diana, cept I am 24 weeks with twins and definatly showing but I still get no sympathy from the bf. He b___hes everytime I want to go home and takea nap after running around all day, or wanting to spend a day at home and not go out at all. And heaven forbid I ask him to carry something for me of pick something up because I hve a hard time bending over. Anyways, just wanted to let you know youre not alone and men are idiots and sometimes need to be Good luck with you and your baby...congrats!


Jen - July 5

I know what you mean. Im 23 weeks and while some days I have energy some days I just want to stay in bed all morning . Or at night after making dinner my feet hurt so bad and I have to put them up. I think he thinks im lying and just want sympathy. why can't they be pregnant for a week?


howdy - July 5

You know what I do? I have my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book at hand in the living room. Whenever there's a symptom that he's confused about or thinks is in my head, I'll wait awhile, maybe even a few days, and then pick up the book. Then, I'll go "Huh! I didn't know that!" That usually prompts him to ask what I'm talking about (they're curious little devils). I then read to him word for word what is in the book and then say something like "I thought it was just in my head!" or "I wasn't sure that was normal!" That usually gets them to shut-up and realize that it IS something that truly effects you significantly since it's been written about in a book.


tori - July 5

the book idea works well! we have "what to expect when you're expecting" and "what to expect in the first year.." and they are both kept in the bathroom! since i have to pee all the time it's a great place for me to read - plus, for my husband who ..ahem.. spends alot of time in there .. he reads both all the time! he's been telling ME about b___stfeeding tips and what to look out for in the upcoming months.


Jessica F. - July 5

Actually I don't think he'd more sympathetic if you were any larger. Some guys just don't seem to get it. Welcome to my life. I am 23 wks and have gained about 13 lbs with my pregnancy. It's not all it's cracked up to be sure looking forward to babies birthday.


Jbear - July 6

My husband was like that during my first pregnancy. I worked until the day before my daughter was born, and I walked to and from the bus stop (2 miles each way) every day. He was always b___hing about having to carry all the groceries (I was too off-balance to carry a bunch of stuff up the steps) or about having to move furniture or change the cat box. This time, I don't know if he's just grown up some, but he won't let me carry anything and he got a second job when I was at 28 weeks so I could stay home and rest. It's so suprising, and it's really nice to be pampered...such a change from my first pregnancy. (and yes, it's the same husband)


carolyn - July 6

Maybe let your boyfriend put his ear near your belly and see if he can hear the baby gurgling, burping, etc. I think if he can either listen to the baby making some noise or feel the baby moving around then he may have an epiphany - i.e. you really are pregnant even though you're not big and haven't gained much weight! If you are scheduled to have another ultrasound soon, try to persuade him to come and encourage him to see images of the baby from the sonogram. You may also be able to sometimes see the baby move soon and this might help too. Otherwise, pick up a copy of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus at your local library and start using the author's suggestions - I've used them. It's not easy dealing with men and their faulty male brains. Good luck with your baby and your boyfriend!


hb - July 6

I constantly email my hubby the weekly updates from a few websites. I just send him the page that talks about our body. Fortunately, he has been so wonderful throughout the pregnancy so far. we'll see what it's like when the baby comes!



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