Normal Not To Grow

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Laurabelle - October 12

Is it normal to not grow in belly size for a whole month? My 12, 13, 14, and 15 week belly measurements are the same and my weekly belly pictures don't look diff. either. I have a small frame and am very thin, so I would think that in a month I should have some difference in belly size. I am concerned about this because I have some symptoms that could indicate that my uterus is trapped behind my pelvic bone and unable to pop up and out as it is supposed.


Emy - October 12

What do you mean that you think you uterus might be trapped? Does this actually happen? I have never heard of this...What kind of symptoms are you having? I did not start really growing any differently until I was 16 weeks (other than bloating which might be what is giving you the impression that you are not growing - had it one day, not the other) but I would not be concerned about no real growth this early in your pregnancy.


Beth - October 12

I grew, then stopped, then grew then stopped, my whole pregnancy has been in growth spurts. I'm thin too, I don't measure myself or take pictures though. That early in pregnancy I had lots of bloating, and thought I would grow then it would go away, but if your really concerned ask your doctor.


Kate and Baby - October 12

Hello ladies. I wanted to let you know that I didn't start to grow a belly consistently until after 20 weeks. I think it is different for everyone. My aunt is my OB doc and she isn't sure what you mean by your uterus is trapped. The further you are along in pregnancy the more your uterus will move up. But trapped, I am not sure what you mean??? I wasn't able to see a real big difference in my uterus until about 20 weeks. Have you been to a check up lately? They will be able to do your measurements and let you know if its normal. Good Luck!!!


Laurabelle - October 12

I will be seeing my midwife next week on that is still a week and a half away. The trapped uterus I am referring to is called Incarcerated Uterus. I know of someone that had this and I have also looked up info about it on google. I have also posted a question about incarcerated uterus on this board, so you can read there more about it and my symptoms.



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