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mommy716 - February 6

My nose has been bleeding lately, not frequently but when it starts it takes 45 mins+ for it to stop, is this normal?


seanandmya - February 6

Nosebleeds are common in pregnancy , you just have more blood than usual runing through your body so any little nick is going to cause a little bleeding . I'm not sure that it should bleed for that long though , maybe ask your doctor , i'm not sure ! Good luck :D


lily10 - February 6

I've had a few nose bleeds, not a gush or anything. I would call your doctor due to the fact that it is bleeding for 45 mins. My problem right now is that I have had a cut in my nose for months and it's quite painful.


ophelia73 - February 6

I get little nosebleeds, too sometimes, mostly in the morning when I first get up. Lily - I have gotten little cuts inside my nose before, and if you smear a TINY amount of Neosporin on it before you go to bed, they usually clear up within a few days.


mommy716 - February 6

could it be stress related? I'm planning a wedding and lord knows thats very stressful


krnj - February 6

I've had some nose bleeds too lately. I'm not sure if it's from the heat in my house or what. My nose seems to be very dry. They are annoying! Mommy716, good luck with your wedding plans! When's the big day?


aliciavr6 - February 6

mine bleeds a lot too. def doesnt last for 45 mins, maybe 5 - 10, but it's almost everyday


ilovepugs - February 6

::laughs:: YES!!!! i had them my first trimester...and my nose bleeds have always taken longer than most people's to stop bleeding...some lasted for me 45 minutes, others laster 10...he most important thing, according to my doctor, is to NOT tilt your head up.. keep your head straight and pinch the bridge of your nose. :) ps. my cousin is in her late second trimester and had them nonstop in december and january. don't be concerned :)


shygirly - February 7

YES! I get a bloody nose almost everyday, some days it's worse than others but yes i've lost alot of blood out of my nose...doc says it's normal....


mommy716 - February 10

April 28 I'm going nuts! its so close, yet so far away


kvilendrer - February 11

I had horrible nosebleeds in my third trimester. I mean, sometimes they would be gushing nosebleeds. I hear they are really common, so I just dealt with them. It was of course embarra__sing when you are out in public. I couldn't go inside once for about 15 minutes while I tried to get my nose to stop bleeding! LOL



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