Not Baby Related 1st Anniversary Gift

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Cassie06 - May 1

May 28th will be me and my husbands 1 year wedding anniversary. I am not really sure what to get him. Money is tight and at the end of this month and beginning of next we have our anniversary, mothers day, my moms birthday, 2 little cousins birthdays, my sisters birthday, fathers day, and vacation!! So I cant spend a lot but I really want to do something special and meaningful. Any ideas?? Thanks!!!


SuzieQ - May 2

Are you able to do something together instead of a material gift? Maybe even just a romantic setup at home or ??? I'm not sure what kind of things you usually do, but I know my dh and I have been short on money a few times in the past and we have ended up just spending time together - even when we have money :)


Angelaw. - May 3

Hey Ca__sie! I am on the August mommy thread (sometimes) too, and dh and I are celebrating our one year on June 18. Traditional anniversary gifts for the first anniversary are paper- like a stationary, books, and artwork. Some things you could do to tie in the paper theme and be low budget is to make a book of coupons for special things to do for him, make a calendar at the local grocery store with pictures of the two of you (kind of hard b/c it is the middle of the year, but just wanted to throw it out there!), or even write him a love letter. It's kind of cheesy, but I think when we look back on it, it will be even more special than the diamonds we're supposed to get for #60. Also, there has been a new list of modern anniversary gifts which lists clocks as 1st ann. gifts. Things Remembered has some fairly inexpensive clocks that you could get engraved for him to take to work etc. The modern list seems to have only the most expensive gifts from the traditional list which kind of irks me- but it also has some really weird ones in there (look foward to our 44th- the "modern" gift is .....groceries ;) Hopefully some of these will give you some help! BTW- Congrats!!


carrierae - May 3

the first anniversary is paper..for mine I bought him an acre of land on the moon. I decided I was going to follow the guidelines. So...i got him the land on the moon (link below) which has a that was the paper. A deed to the land. Then i also went a bit crazy and got him the star wars dvds (they had just come out) so i got him the stars and the moon. Just an idea but it might be something completely out of left field and fun for him. My hubby loved it!



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