Not Eating Enough

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collint3 - April 7

I'm begining to become worried because I am 21 weeks pregnant and am not showing very much. I'm worried that my baby could be premature. I try to eat right and eat breakfeast every morning but between taking classes and going to work i sometimes forget. But i always try to eat a large and healthy dinner. Could this cause my baby to be premature?


Evonna - April 7

It's perfectly normal. All women bodies are different, some women show earlier than others. It's definitely not because you are not eating right. Don't worry, it'll hit you soon.


livdea - April 7

I didn't really start showing until around 25 weeks and now at 27 weeks people know I'm pregnant. They've FINALLY started to ask when I'm due instead of strange weird looks! Due try to carry a snack with you. I love to have almonds and dried cherries. The constant energy really helps me get through the day.


Erynn21 - April 7

I've shown for quite awhile(I'm 19 wks.) and have looked pg since about 2 months, but my last doc appt. I had only gained 1/2 a lb. and I eat like a horse, I guess the baby is just taking it all. I've maintained the same size now for almost 2 months, but today I think I'm starting a growth spurt because I opened my bathroom door and it hit me and it normally wouldn't. I would't be concerned, we're all different.


SLP - April 7

I'm 14 weeks and at my appointment yesterday my doctor was concerned because I keep *losing* weight. She told me to eat every 3 hours, even if it's just a small snack. I'm also anemic so she said to eat lots of red meat, if possible, and she even said I could get it cooked medium! But if your doctor hasn't expressed any concern you are probably in the clear.


bloodlust - April 7

A lot of times, I absolutely have no appet_te and when I do, I usaully eat small portions because my stomach can't hold much. I'm 22 weeks and showing a bit but not enough for strangers to tell (they all think I'm chubby or something lol). However, my doctor says everything is ok and the baby is on schedule. So...I think you're ok :)


falafal0 - April 8

If this is your first baby , then more than likely oyu won't show until you are much further along than other women who are having subsequent babies. I was still wearing my own jeans confortably at nearly 5 months with my first, hardly showed at all - baby was a perfect 3.5 kg (not sure in pounds) but a very decent size. Some women just show more than others...different factors - age, muscles, baby.etc. This is my fourth pregnancy, and I was showing already at 11 weeks, in maternity clothes soon after and now at 20 weeks, have a nice size belly. (Which still goes almsot flat when lying down...juts a little baby bump) It seems you're doing everything you should, so just relax. Baby will be fine, regardless.


Olivene - April 11

Belly size has nothing to do with prematurity. I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. I'm sure your baby is fine!



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