Not Enjoying Your Pregnancy

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Claire - November 22

i have to vent my frustration on enjoying pregnancy. i know so many people who are enjoying theres and i just am not. at9 weeks i was put in hospital for severe diorearr and vomiting and needed rehydration, at 14 weeks i had a blod clot in my lungs, at 20 weeks i had minor bleeding and gastroenteritis, and at 25 weeks i had developed a severe chest infection needing 5x strength antibiotics. plus on top of that, i have had hydronephrosis(very painful,) and i am havting every minute of it. this is my first baby and im really put off ever having another one. am i the only one feeling like this


Cathy - November 22

Claire, You are not alone. I am 22 weeks, and most of the time I HATE being pregnant. I do love my baby, and I cannot wait to meet him, BUT, I have been miserable from day 1. I have had several m/c in the past so I have been labeled high risk, been bleeding, cramping, the worst flu ever. On top of that...I love to exercise and I am not allowed. I cannot have s_x with my husband as that is against the rules as well. I abide by all of this for the health and well being of my child but, I guess somewhere I resent the fact that I am not having a happy, great pregnancy. Everyone I talk to says to enjoy this time, it is a wonderful experience. But for me it is awful. I'm always tired due to lack of physical activity. I am gaining so much weight 22# already. I have been laid of work and had to file for bankruptcy. Now christmas is coming and I should be joyousm, but I cannot seem to get past the fact that I am not allowed to do much of anything. My dh has been great to a point, but with the lack of intimacy (no s_x for 9 months?) it seems as if we are drifting apart. People tell me that there are other things that we can do for intimacy, but really? I am not even allowed any nipple stimulation, anything that even may excite me, so here I sit frustrated, fat and lonely. Still though when I feel the baby kick it puts a smile on my face. I just cannot wait for this time to be over. I know that this will be my one and ONLY. Oh see now I am feeling really awful for putting my feelings out there, Ifeel guilty because of this gift inside me, that I should feel so happy all the time. I don't resent the baby, I guess I just resent the fact that I cannot be myself.


Stephanie - November 22

Hi ladies, First off I want to say that I feel for both of you. I too am pregnant with my first, and know that I am not going to have another- my hubby already has 2 children from his previous marriage. Anyways... my problems have not been as severe. I have and still do vomit, tired,etc. For me it has been more emotional. I do know that everything a woman feels is her experiences and it is differerent for everyone. I thought at times I was a terrible person for how I was feeling about my baby and myself. I find this very draining and hard. Some women love being pregnant, and embrace it all. I am learning to embrace my body changes and am excited now for our unborn child. It is amazing what they do not tell you in books. Ladies I wish you both the best. And please know that you are not alone.


AMY - November 22



mel - November 22

I am so glad to hear other women admit this. I'm not even having trouble with my pregnancy and I hate being pregnant. I love my children and did even mind the giving birth part. being pregnant bites though. it's like being a prisoner in your own body. oh well, the end is worth though.


Karen - November 23

Ladies - don't ever feel bad for how you feel and how you physically feel as nothing to do with how much you want and love your baby. I'm not minding being pregnant but it hasn't been a walk in the park!! I swear if my husband could do this for us - I'd sign him up immediately! I appreciate your honesty - I don't walk around the world with rose colored gla__ses on and don't pretend to. When people ask how I'm feeling - I tell them where I'm at. As women, we bear this responsibility - does that mean we are suppose to enjoy every last minute - heck no! There is much we sacrifice and in alot of cases - not too much thanks is given for what we endure. I told my husband - upon delivery I've asked for a beautiful princess cut diamond pendant and chain - its the least he can do for me and its a symbol of our love for our baby. I don't generally get such gifts from hubby other than my wedding rings - so its not like I'm spoiled or anything - but I think carry a child for nine months, changing my eating, drinking and sleeping habits, putting my career on hold, and all the other sacrifices that come with pregnancy - really its the least he can do for his wife. Hahah. There are days when I complain but I know I have a special bond with my little one and everything I've done is for him/her. The kicks are reality checks for me - yep all of this is worth it! So in closing - I look forward to being done being pregnant but can't wait to meet the new addition to our family. Will we have another - I guess it depends on just how much I see the need to love two incredible children. Claire - you have every reason to not enjoy pregnancy - you need not worry how you are feeling - we know - like c___p! If I had a magic wand - I would make it all disappear - the bad stuff I mean! I guess some are less fortunate than others. I guess if we knew it was going to be so bad - we wouldn't sign up in the first place - better to keep us guessing I suppose. Take care of yourself and your little one and lean on folks who support you here - it what this site is all about. I think nothing negative of you whatsoever! And if there comes a day when you need to talk more - reach out to someone who can lend you that support in your community - you will be glad you did! Baby health to you all!



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