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lillovebean - November 17

I am 17 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. I am scared and worried because through my first trimester I was absolutely exhausted to no end. I had 3 ultrasounds though due to my being high-risk. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday, but don't know if I should be concerned. I just want to be able to feel like this is all going well and I can relax but with all the "not-so-positive" info that we got the first few weeks it is so hard for me. I am definitely starting to look pregnant, I just wish there was an everyday solution to put my mind at ease. Anyone have any suggestions?


Krissy25 - November 17

Hi again lillovebean, I kind of know how you feel. We lost our very first pregnancy and then had bleeding with the next one, everything was ok thankfully but it was hard to relax and believe it would be ok. If you don't mind me asking, why are you high risk? I hope everything goes well for you and things start turning around in a positive direction.


lillovebean - November 17

I am high risk due to having PCOS. I had to take prometrium through the first trimester to help to maintain the pregnancy it was a wonderful drug in my opinion to fix the progesterone problem. At 13.5 weeks we saw an amazing ultrasound with the baby, then for 2.5 weeks I could barely walk because my back and hips were in so much pain. Now I am starting to feel pretty good and just hoping all is still well since it is completely opposite of what I was feeling before.


Krissy25 - November 17

That is such a great time to have an u/s b/c the baby is well formed and you can see the whole baby at once. Later on as the baby gets bigger you can't see all of him or her at the same time. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. When do you get to find out what you are having? I find out this friday, very excited!


lillovebean - November 19

I went to the doc today, all was well. The heartbeat was 150, still hoping we get a boy LOL. But either way is fine as long as it is healthy. We will find out on 12/3 and we can't wait.


angelmarkie - November 20

lillovebean-I suggest renting a fetal doppler for at-home use. I have done so and I can always feel a sense of ease when I hear my little one's heartbeat.


lillovebean - November 23

Yes I plan to get one, I called insurance today to see if our Flexible Spending Account would cover it and they said it would so long as the doctor wrote a note stating that it was "Medically Necessary", I called my doc and his a__sistant said she doesn't see it being a problem, they have just never had a request for that before. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to pay for it out of pocket.


FlyBear - December 16

lillovebean, I had a completely healthy pregnancy and I still worried all the time. I loved being on the pregnancy website here and another that I belonged to because my husband is military and I had just moved so no friends or family around, I really needed the support but the down side is that you're constantly hearing people's bad news and while I was pregnant, lots of women on the site lost their babies. I was pretty much terrified until the end. I just wanted him to be born and healthy so bad and I was completely focused on it. I did everything I could to be as healthy as possible during that time. I didn't eat, drink or do anything that they warned you about. No hot baths, no lunch meat, no caffeine, no sushi, no over abundance of sugar... and I still worried. I wish I could tell you how to just relax but I can't. I know how frustrating it is though. Then after he was born I was terrified of SIDS and couldn't sleep through the night without checking on him literally like 15-20 times. It gets better though. It's worth it. Good Luck.



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