Not Feeling Movement For Baby 3 By 20 Weeks

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just_lil_ole_me - October 9

I'm in my 19th week of pregnancy with my 3rd baby. I've gained a lot of weight between pregnancies, considering my youngest is ten. I haven't felt the baby move, and I'm really not showing...I feel like a first timer, since it's been so long. I'm worried. I SHOULD have felt him/her move by now, right? I also got one of those earphone things, that you are supposed to hear the baby's heartbeat with, but I can't hear that either. I get the weekly emails from a number of different sites, and the most recent said that if someone pressed their ear to my tummy, they should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. My daughter tried, but didn't hear anything. She's heard the heartbeat on the sonogram, so she kinda knows what she's looking for...I'm just so worried. I have a dr. appt next week, but the wait is killing me....any advice?


jennifer_33106 - October 9

I am 20 weeks 4 days and on my doppler (which sucks) I still cant get a heart beat even though yesterday at my u/s I know everything is fine. Try drinking some OJ or eating something. Go lay down and see if you cant feel anything. Chocolate seemed to make my baby go crazy. haha I have never heard of someone being able to hear the HB through the stomach. Also I have felt my LO but not all the time, only when she kicks hard. haha. I wouldnt worry to much if you have heard the HB! GL!!


sahm2alaj - October 9

I am also pg with #3 and i didn't feel any movement until way into the 22nd week. I was worried becasue i kept reading all of these posts with everyone feeling movement already and I haden't. I think it's all in the way the baby is positioned. I am pet_te and haven't gained that much weight so I figured I would feel something early on. Especially since I had 2 children already, but like I said I didn't feel anything till much later. If you have already had everything confirmed by your doctor that baby is okay that don't worry too much. Still bring it up to your doctor, but I am sure hearing the baby at your next appt is all the rea__surance you need. You will feel him or her kicking up a storm in no time!


sarah21 - October 9

You can feel the heartbeat through the stomach but not until almost the end of your pregnancy. It is hard to hear the heartbeat with the earphone type doppler even in the third trimester, so if you want a doppler you can use now with no problems, then you can rent one online from like for fairly cheap. You can feel the baby move at any time now, but not feeling it yet is not abnormal. I'm sure everything is fine.


sarah21 - October 9

Duh! Not feel through the stomach-- I meant hear. Sheesh I am dumb sometimes.


cattac - October 9

Hey my friend did not feel hers until quite awhile after the 20th week because the placenta was positioned right on the front of her stomach. Do you know where your placenta is positioned for this pregnancy?


just_lil_ole_me - October 9

I don't know where it is, no. I've been told that my weight could be a substancial factor. I am quite overweight. Thank you so much for your answers...all of you.


Iamamiracleangel - October 9

I'm a bigger girl also and I just started feeling mine consistantly about a week ago and I'm 22 weeks. I went into the doc at 18 weeks because I hadn't felt anything for a few days and everything was fine. When I called my doc though, he told me to drink 8oz of orange juice and literally do NOTHING for 4 hrs. When whenever I want to feel my little boy I lay down in a cozy position and drink some OJ.. Or soaking in a warm bath ALWAYS helps! Good luck:)


dukele - October 10

Hi there. I just wanted to tell you that each pregnancy is different, no one preg will be the same as your previous. While I have heard that it is more likely that you will feel movement earlier in your subsequent pregnancies, there are also other extenuating factors. One big one is the position of the placenta. If it is in front of your baby, between your abdomen and baby, it will take much longer to feel. Also weight plays a factor. On top of the several layers of skin, abdominal cavity, and uterine lining, if there is a signifigant layer of fat it will delay your ability to feel the baby move. I would recommend renting a doppler(make sure it is the kind you can hear in the first trimester). Since you are so close to feeling baby move, I would not buy one because it would be a waste.



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