Not Gaining Weight

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Jessi - April 2

I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my first and when I went to the docs the other day, she told me that from the first visit until this one, which has been 2 months, I've lost about 11 pounds. She said that it's normal for women to lose weight at first, but I'm worried. I don't know if I'm not eating enough or what it is. She said that as long as I don't lose too much too quickly it should be fine, but she wants to monitor my weight more closely now. Any tips on gaining weight? Besides constant eating I Thanks and good luck to all


HG - April 2

eat pasta, dont complain the rest of us are having a hard time not gaining to much.


Heather - April 2

i was having trouble gaining weight too but it just sorta picked up steam around 16 weeks.


Phoebe - April 2

I was worried about gaining weight because I am 18 weeks and only gained 3lbs... but my friend told me that you are suppose to gain most of your weight in your 3rd trimester. According to my Pregnacy Guide book... if your pre preg weight status is: underweight you should gain 28-40lbs; normal weigh you should gain 25-35lbs; overweight you should gain 15-25lbs. I am not seriously overweight, but I know i am not normal weight... I think I can pull of 15-25lbs by the end... Good luck Jessi and if you find any weight gaining tips... let me know.


Michelle - April 4

I was the same. At my18 week checkup, I had not gained even a pound. Dr. wasnt worried, but suggested by next appointment she hoped to see some gain. As long as you are eating healthy, I think it will come naturally (21 weeks I had gained 5lbs!)


Jessi - April 5

Thanks a lot for responding. I guess I'm still in the stage that food looks, smells, and tastes bad because when I eat, I can't eat very much. It's like I'm snacking or something, but I do it all of the time. I don't know if that has something to do with my weight loss or what. I would eat pasta, but I can't get over the smell of And a lot of the time, I have to force myself to eat. The good thing is I have been eating more fruits and veggies lately, I'll find someway to gain weight. A friend of mine told me that when she was pregnant that she wasn't gaining any weight no matter what she tried and the only thing that worked for her was to go to Burger King and McDonalds a couple of times a week. I don't know about going there that much, but if nothing else works, then I gues that's a last resort. Good luck.


amanda - April 5

i'm 21 weeks and have lost 6 pounds to date. i know that it is scary not putting on anything, but as long as your baby is growing. and don't let anyone tell you to stop complaining, your concern is genuine. i'm sure eventually we'll both start gaining! Good luck!



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