Not Gaining Weight

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Mitch - March 18

I'm on my 14th week tomorrow but I am not gaining weight though the doctor said my baby is getting bigger.


lyn - March 18

i havent gained any weight either, my sister who works in LDR said that there is no reason to gain any weight the first 20 weeks. and my doctor said everything is great.


Dana - March 19

I am 16 weeks, and my stomach is definately bigger, but I have only gained 2 pounds my whole pregnancy so far, I was worried about it, but I asked my Dr. and a Nurse and they both said that that is a normal thing. Hope this eases your mind!


Mitch - March 20

Thanks. Your replies really helped a lot to lessen my worries.


Beth S - March 20

im 18 weeks and have only gained 3 pounds


!!!!! - March 20

be happy your not gaining no weight when you do you will start to complain


heather - March 20

^^ isnt that true! worry and worry about no morning sickness.. then u hate it when you get it.. worry and worry about no weight gain and you hate it when it happens :P


Michelle - March 21

Hey Mitch. I am 19 weeks preg and have not gained any weight yet. I also had no morning sickness, so that is not the reason. Dr said not to worry, about it, but at my 20 week check up, she would like to see a few extra pounds.


Nick - March 21

I am 18 weeks and gained only 3 pounds.


AMANDA - March 21

I am 19 weeks and haven't gained any weight yet. The doctor said that as long as the uterus was growing (should be right under the belly b___ton at 19 wks) and the heart beat was good, it would be ok. You'll gain it eventually don't worry!!!


C - March 21

Be glad you haven't gained weight my last pregancy I gained 80lbs


deb - March 21

I am 13 weeks and I have lost 8 lbs. The doc said nothing to worry about even though I haven't been sick because I am not really skinny anyway so it can't do anything but help me later in the pregnancy. My baby was doing great in size and movement on u/s last week so I don't really think you have to worry.


sarah - May 12

I'm 27 weeks along and have only gained 3 pounds. Doctor says everything is fine, but I feel like my belly should be more obvious at this point. I'm sure the weight gain will come soon!


Sandy - May 12

Hi, I'm 18 weeks and haven't gained any weight also, but my belly is definately getting bigger! Around 16-20 weeks onwards you should see a rapid weight gain as the baby puts on more and more fat and grows at a really rapid rate.



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