Not Gaining Weight Not Getting Bigger

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meg - January 7

I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow with baby #2. I've gained maybe a pound or two, & all of my regular clothes still fit just fine...just like they always have. I know I should probably consider myself fortunate, but I'd rather worry! I've had 3 u/s, & everything is just great, but I can't help but think that the baby is not growing properly or something. I know with my first I was about 22-23 weeks before you could really tell I had a baby bump, but everything I read said it comes much sooner with #2...& getting big is one of my favorite things about being pg.! Any advice?? Thanks!


newlywed0915 - January 7

I'm 15 weeks and 2 days with baby #1 and have yet to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 155. I think as long as we're eating healthily, we shouldn't worry. I too was worried for the baby's health at first, but the doc hasn't mentioned anything about it, and the baby's heartbeat is strong. We should count ourselves lucky for now...and then fear for how much we WILL gain later in this trimester and the last! Lol! Anyway, I'm right here with you though...not gaining a pound. I lost 12 in the first trimester...and wasn't even THAT nauseous...but my appet_te was very limited.


nancy_dawn - January 7

I am almost 18 weeks and I've only gained a few pounds, too. I, like many others, lost a few in the initial weeks due to nausea, and I'm just now back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 125, so despite having bought a few cute maternity outfits, I still don't have any use for them. The baby's heartbeat and ultrasounds are perfect, so I'm not concerned. I've had two kids already, so I, too, was expecting to show a lot sooner, but....sadly, nothing yet.


Rachel29 - January 7

Same here, I'm about the same as I was pre pregnancy at 19 weeks! I am a LITTLE bigger, but when I tell people I'm pregnant they don't believe it! I have only gained maybe 5 pounds, but the baby is fine. Hey everybody is different, and I hear that the 6th month is when things really take off and you look pregnant, so we'll see in a couple of weeks for me!


HeavenisMine - January 9

I was flat as a board at sixteen weeks. I know they say with second pregnancies the belly can show up sooner, but it really depends on your weight and your belly and all that good stuff. This one was my first, but I remained pretty flat considering, until around 22 weeks or so.:)



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