Not Looking Pregnant

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Stacy B - May 18

Just wondering if any of you women out there looked stomach was huge and seem to be showing and the next day your stomach seemed to get smaller.


skylersmom - May 18

i havent really experienced this, but i have heard of others who have


JESS1980 - May 18

Stacey: Don't worry. I had days where my stomach looked bigger, and then the next day I would look like my normal, thin self. I guess it really depends on how far along you are and how the baby is positioned. I experienced this around 17-20 weeks. I think that some days the baby was stretched out and some days he was curled up, which would account for the change in belly size. How far along are you?


Susan W - May 18

I'm 16w5d and don't look pregnant at all! It's a far cry from my first pregnancy, where I started showing very early and looked huge some days and not at all on others. I have noticed that by the end of the day my tummy will be a little bigger, and that's from normal gastrointestinal stuff. It's all good and nothing to be worried about.


Ericka - May 18

I'm 16w6d and that has happened to me. I think it depends on what you have been eating.


Taffy - May 18

Stacy, I have experienced this. I noticed that it depended on what I ate so I guess that it's mainly bloating in my case. I'm 18.5 wks so there still isn't much of a bump to worry about. I also noticed that my bump got smaller after the baby changed position so any day I expect to be bigger again when they move back.


Ddvinson3 - May 18

It's happened to me too! Don't worry I'm guessing it's normal!


Stacy B - May 19

Thanks Ladies for your responses. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I just sometimes worry myself because I previously had a miscarriage and dread that not happening again. I'm 15w5d...I'm know everything is fine, but I sometimes freak myself with this pregnancy. Also I'm glad to know that others are experiencing this as well or have experienced it. Blessing to all!!!



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