Not Quite 13 Weeks And Feeling Baby

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Renae - March 7

I'm due September 16th, this is my fourth baby... I thought I was done, as my youngest will be 13 soon...also my bf and I have been on a rollarcoaster for 4 years now... anyway, I'm nearly 13 weeks and starting over alone, the past few nights I would swear I'm feeling the baby move, I have fibromyalgia so I'm very sensitive to anything out of the norm... please tell me I'm not crazy???


mjvdec01 - March 7

It's possible, especially since you have had three kids before. You know the feeling and what to look for. I felt my first at 22 weeks and this one at 16 weeks. When it happened I knew exactly what it was, and it hasn't let up since. I am currently 20 weeks 1 day.


Renae - March 7

thank you for the reply, I've felt it for several days now... it's just been soooo long, I'm pretty sure it is what I think it is...thanks


bubbasmom - March 7

I am curently 21 weeks pregnant with my second. I think I was 22 weeks or so before I felt movement with my first but with this one, it was just before 14 weeks so it is possible to feel it that early. Good luck


Renae - March 7



Cookie - March 8

I've been feeling little bumps for the past week, but last night and this morning, they are distinctive little nudges...and I'm just 13 weeks today w/ my 2nd...I have heard that if you are slender you can feel it earlier...


LeslieM - March 8

hi Renae...i am almost 16 weeks with my second and i am feeling movement too...also, i believe that wether you are slender or not has to do with the movent one can feel from the outside of your belly...not what you feel from the inside. anyway, i am excited for you! hugs


Cat24 - March 10

i felt mine at first when i was just around 16 weeks. people said it was odd because its my first baby and usually you aren't supposed to feel the baby till after 20 weeks. i think it depends alot on your own body and how in touch with it you are. don't worry about it at all. you will probably feel it every day now! its fab!


llukenjess - March 10

I am 12 weeks today and i swear i could have felt it...but it's my first time reaching 12 weeks. It felt like a little flutter right above my pubic bone...poeple have told me it is just gas, but i know what gas feels like. am i nuts?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 10

I'm 13w today and I swear I felt the baby move starting last night. My daughter was right next to me and I felt nudges, I don't know for sure. With my daughter I was 17w when I felt her kick



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