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bvue - January 23

I am 14 wks and not showing. Somedays my tummy feels more pregnant and fuller and other days, just soft and flat. I just had my OB appt yesterday and was assured that everything is fine, but just wondering. I guess I am just nervous because of 2 previous miscarriages.


Cad0587 - January 23

hun, you're only 14 weeks! I know people who are more than 20 weeks and aren't showing AT ALL. I'm 18 weeks 3 days and I'm not showing and have only gained like 3 pounds but my doctor says everything is normal. You're not supposed to be showing at 14 weeks!


Binx18 - January 23

DOn't worry, I didn't start showing until 18're fine! :)


Tammy276 - January 23

totally normal...woman feel like because they are pregnant they should start showing right away but thats just not how it works....your uterus starts to finally rise above your pubic bone around 12 weeks, so most woman don't start to noticably show until around 18 - 22 weeks.....second pregnancies tend to show a bit sooner, but don't freak out!! Enjoy your flat tummy yet because its not going to be much longer before you have a nice round belly.


Memphisbaby - January 23

I am 21w2d and barely am showing. I was really worried about it too, but my doc said I will not look really prego until 30 wks bc this is my first pregnancy. She said with subsequent pregnancies you pop out much no worries! you'll get there!


Rosiemeg - January 23

i'm 17+ weeks with my second child and i'm not showing at all. i look like i've got a beer gut and that's about it. maternity clothes look like tents on me. you've got plenty of time before you pop. i suggest you enjoy the calm before the storm. once people can tell your pregnant it opens to the door to awkward conversations and belly touching.


tiramisu - January 24

I'll be 17 weeks this Friday and I am definitely sportin a CRAZY huge beer gut as well ;-) , but my hubby says I am def looking pregnant these days. This is my first pregnancy and so far i've gained 2 pounds (i'm currently 5'4'' and 110 pounds).


rjrmi - January 24

Bvue, don't worry if you don't feel anything because everyone is different, but try this. In the morning while you are laying in bed on your back, feel around the top of your bikini line. I was suprised find out how low the uterus is when it starts out. It should feel like what you would imagine a grapefruit under your skin would feel like. You may have already tried this already but I thought I would share it. And by the way, I will be 14 weeks tomorrow and I was just able to start feeling it a couple of days ago. Good luck!


ejmeskan - January 25

I didn't pop until 22-23 weeks. I began showing a little at about 16-18 weeks. I am just entering 24weeks and you can just begin to tell. That has been my hardest part of being PG so far- I just want a belly and look cute and pregnant!! :)



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