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lilmonkey - September 25

Im almost into my third trimester and i havent started to show... i have talked to my doctor but he doesnt seem to care... he tells me that the baby is doing great... i have only put on 5 pounds and at the beginning i lost 20 pounds how can i be sure that everything is ok?


evae777 - September 25

hi lilmonkey, i think that you are lucky! at least you wont suffer from many stretch marks. i know those that barely showed even until they gave birth. my sister in law had a tiny bump and that was it. she was so lucky, barely gained weight and had a healthy baby who is almost 11 years old now. i'm sure you are fine. just enjoy it!


corbin289 - September 25

I didnt even get a little bump until 6 months with my first. The last 8 or 10 weeks I really filled out though. I dont think its that uncommon. Enjoy still being small!


blfox4 - September 25

One of the main things that I looked forward to was the showing part of my pregnancy. However, I am in the same situation that you are...I am 6 months pregnant and I am not showing either with only a gain of 6 pds...I was worried too, but was told the same thing that you were. I am only looking fat...not preggo...and I am waiting to show!! Good luck with far along are you?


Quinns Mom - September 25

At six months I hadn't gained any weight at all. I wasn't showing much either. I just looked like I'd packed on a few pounds. From six months on I packed on 45 pounds (no stretch marks!!)!! A doctor I had spoken to warned me of that happening saying it was not uncommon. I went off work at 33 weeks and when I saw co-workers later they were wondering where I had gone because so many didn't know I was pregnant. The funny thing was when I wore maternity clothes I looked ma__sive but when I wore my regular clothes you couldn't tell at all. The health of your baby has nothing to do with how much you show so I'm sure your baby is fine. At least you won't have the problem some other women have with strangers touching their bellies. lol That would make me seriously annoyed...



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