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anechka - April 30

I'm 17weeks today and I'm not showing. I've gained weight, and people think I look like I'm showing because I was pretty small before I got pregnant, however, my tummy is all fat, its not hard like a pregnant tummy should be. I'm worried that my baby isn't ok or that it's going to be too small! Please help if you have any experience on this issue!


HannahBaby - April 30

if this is your first baby you will be fine. Between weeks 16 and 20 the baby goes through a HUGE growth spurt (doubles in size) so you should be popping out soon. Good luck


amyn - April 30

anechka- I'm 16 weeks and this is my first, I think I just look like I have a patch of fat on my lower belly and its not that hard, only when I eat does it get really hard, others think I look pregnant. Like Hannah said I wouldn't worry. I asked my doc about it and he said I was fine and not to worry.. I want to show so bad and I'm sure you do too, I'll bet Hannah is right on and in a month or so we'll wish we were still flat.. :)


Susan W - April 30

That's totally normal. I never show before 24 weeks. I'm tall and thin, and I guess I just hide it well. My midwife says it's not uncommon at all. Once you do show, you will miss your old body :) And it will harden up.


SuzieQ - May 1

Dont worry anechka - everyone measures differently, and it's totally normal to not have a belly yet. I feel like I'm totally bloated, and no one really can tell I'm pregnant - I just look like I have a fat belly (and I"m usually pretty slim). You'll fill out soon though, that's for sure :)


anechka - May 1

thanks! i really can't wait to balloon because I think it's so so so so cute!!! i dont think ill change my mind when i DO balloon, but we'll see!!! Good luck amyn, looks like you and me are due around the same time... when are you due?


new mommy - May 1

I am in my 16th week and am just starting to show a little. It can be frustrating not to show, like the other day we were site seeing and I feltlike I was going to collapse, I was so exhausted. I finally found a chair after searching for a long time. 5 minutes later this older man came up to me and cleared his throat like it was obvious I needed to move for my elders. If only my tummy had been showing then, I doubt he would have kicked me out.


JESS1980 - May 1

Anechka, don't worry! I am 23 weeks, and I just started showing about a week ago. And I'm still not that big. But my doctor said that was just fine. Everybody is different! :-)


shyann - May 1

I am 16 weeks today also and I do have a little belly but I am very slim and people that seen me last week couldn't tell that I was pregnant but today a few people that I work with said *whoa* you really are showing now we can tell your pregnant now so I think it really depends on your body type as I've heard that you show sooner after having a child already and I've hade 2 children already but I don't find a big change in my belly size


amyn - May 1

Anechka, I'm due on Oct 14th what day are you due? I'm soo excited. When is your appt for your ultrasound? Mine is the 25th we are going to find out the s_x.


Ddvinson3 - May 1

I'm 19 weeks and I'm showing a little but not much it just looks like I'm fat. The upper half of my tummy is really hard but right at the bottom it's still "fat" feeling. But You can tell when I wear certain clothes that I'm def. pregnant. But everyone's body is way different so you can't go by anyone else but yourself! Don't worry!


anechka - May 1

amyn, I've gotten October 22nd and 25ht as my due dates because I'm not exactly sure when the first day of my last period was (i was very irregular). i hope it comes late though because the daddy's birthday is Oct. 28th and i want him to have a very very special birthday!!! =) wouldnt that be cute?????


KatiBeth - May 3

i am about 21 weeks, but a few weeks ago i was getting very upset for the same reason....i kept thinking that people who didnt know i was pregnant prolly just thought i was gaining weight!! my stomache was doing the same thing yours wasnt hard, and it was just fat, looked like i got a gut all the sudden!!!! but over the next couple weeks it rounded out and is starting to get harder....!!!! youll start to round out soon anechka!!!



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