Not Showing Or Feeling The Baby Should I Worry

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Tootsie5c - December 14

I'm 18 weeks and this is my first baby. I'm not really showing at all (I can tell a little bit but that's just because its me) and I haven't felt the baby move yet. I'm starting to worry! My next appointment is next friday. Should I be scared?


jennifer_33106 - December 14

Most women, especially first time moms, wont feel the baby til inbetween 16 and 20 weeks. That is just an average. Some earlier some later. I wouldne worry. You are only 18 weeks and believe me it can be hard to distinguish the LO's kicks and gas bubbles at first. I am sure the LO is fine. :)


jennifer_33106 - December 14

Oh and I am sure you will pop out soon enough. I wouldnt worry. I didnt really start showing til I was 20 weeks. Then I sorta popped. haha


goldfish - December 14

if you read my earlier post i had some same worries. But dont worry you will soon. May be ur body built is like that and hence u arent showing up. if you can make out urself who is the best judge dont worry sooner or later you will see people's eyes rolling all over your body with suspision. I get that too . About baby movement its a little late with everybody. since its ur first time u would be feeling but u might not know to distinguish the movement as baby movement. I had that happen with me too. Often the definations of people of gas bubble b___terfly etc etc seems not happpening at all. But u will know.


NewMommyinMay - December 14

Hi There, I'm 19 weeks, also prego with my first. I am totally not showing and no movement yet..... I just came back from my doctor's and baby is doing GREAT. I had the same concerns as you! But don't worry. I haven't even gained a pound yet, but doctor has a__sured me that my baby is measuring fine for 19 weeks and everything is perfect!!!


sarah21 - December 16

You will feel your baby any day now. I felt it right at 18 weeks but it's pretty early for my first baby. Also if you have an anterior placenta it will take a little while longer. And I didn't really really start showing until about 23 weeks. So it'll all come in time and try not to worry.


newmomma32 - December 17

same here--I am 13 weeks 2 days, and pretty much look the same.No weight gain at all. I had an ultrasound, and my baby is 3 inches already! Just eat well and stay calm. :-)


Stephanie_31 - December 17

I didn't feel this baby until 19 weeks and he is my second. If it had been my first, I probably wouldn't have felt him until 21 weeks or so. I didn;t start showing the first time until 16-18 weeks and I am a really small person! After 20 weeks the baby starts to grow a lot and you will be surprised how big you get!



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