Not Showing Yet Kind Of Worried

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jules-1 - July 5

I am almost 15 weeks pregnant, and I'm really not showing at all. I had a prenatal visit a few weeks ago and the heart beat was strong, and the OB says everything looks good. But why am I not showing yet? Not even a little. Is that normal?


ezwaggy - July 5

My mom said she literally woke up one morning when she was 6 months with me and she was showing - but before that she was standing sideways in front of the mirror every day waiting to show.


ezwaggy - July 5

And a friend at work said the same thing about her first - then with her second she showed much sooner. I wouldn't worry! :)


Gena - July 5

It's normal not to show at 15 weeks. Everyone shows at different times. I'm about as far along as you and I'm not either. I know a lot of people who didn't show 5-6 months. Believe me, I'm dying to show too. Soon enough we will be waddling w/ the best of them. Good luck!


jules-1 - July 5

Thanks so much for your replies. I feel much better. Its just that I don't feel very pregnant yet. I know I'm fortunate because a lot of women are sick throughout their entire pregnancy.


SuzieQ - July 5

I could barely feel my uterus at 15weeks, just above pubic bone, so don't worry a bit about not showing!! In a month you'll have a cute l'il belly though :)


HannahBaby - July 6

15 weeks the baby is still like the size of a shrimp. Most women dont show that early. I know that i didnt with my first. Good luck


JESS1980 - July 6

I didn't start showing until around 25 weeks.


Gena - July 6

Actually at 15 weeks the baby is the size of a softball. I'd say that's bigger than a shrimp!


frankschick2001 - July 6

Jules: I had the same question. I am almost 16 weeks, and I'm not showing either. Some of my clothes are snug, but that is about it. So I called my doctor and the nurse said it's perfectly fine and that it should happen around 19-22 weeks. Especially since this is my first. She also said that the "pop out" happens suddenly, not gradually and that I will wake up with a belly and then get larger from that point.


sa__sifras - July 6

Enjoy it while you can!!! I was the same way until about 24 weeks, and BAM. Out of nowhere my belly popped out. People at work were like "I didn't even know you were pregnant!" With my first I was showing in the second month so it was nice weaing my size 4s at 5 months!! It may be a while till I get back in them!


Newhoneybuns - July 6

i'm the same as you sa__sifras i didnt show til about 23-24 weeks... which is only 1-2 weeks ago. And suddenly bam there is the belly so girls dont worry about not showing yet it's just normal :)


Perl - July 6

Hi Jules don't worry, you will be showing eventually. I reached 20 weeks today and just started to show a little a week or two ago. Depending on how I dress (snug or loose clothing) some days my friends tell me l don't look pregnant yet although in my eyes I look pregnant but I can see how some people might think I just look like I ate too much. Enjoy your regular clothes while it lasts. Changes will come soon.


vijun79 - July 7

Don't worry its pretty normal,as even i'm in my 20th week but yet don't show up much and at 15th week no one even could say i'm pregnant.As according to doctor everything is normal and baby is growing fine.And believe me even i'm waiting for the day .


18wbabynov - July 7

i didnt even start to see anything until my 20th week... and even then it was small... this is my first baby, and it seems like after the 20th week, she has just exploded! now i feel full b__wn preggers! but dont worry, wait a few weeks, and youll be bigger than you ever expected!


sonotec75 - July 8

Perfectly normal. With my first I was a good 16-17 wks before showing. With this pregnancy it was a total different story. I was showing by 8 wks. I'm now 14wks and look like I did at 6 mos with my first.


Newhoneybuns - July 9

Do not worry what so ever .. i'm 26 weeks preggy and not really showing much... asked the doctor about it and he said.. "Next person that tells you you look thin for 26 weeks pregnant tell them THANK YOU !!" lol so dont worry lol :p



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