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KMcDougall - September 25

hey ladies, i am now 27 weeks pregnant, and this past week has been miserable for me and i just dont know what to do. I go to bed and i will just lay there for 2, 3 sometimes 4 hours before i finally fall asleep. I know this cant be healthy for me or the baby. I have tried drinking warm decaf tea it doesnt work. (the thought of warm milk makes me wanna throw up :) ) I talked to the dr and she said that i could take either a benadryl or a tylenol pm. I know there safe but i just feel there is something else i can do before i restort to meds for this problem. My little boy also does not like it when i sleep on my sides, he starts moving a whole whole lot and it feels like hes using my bed as a trampoline regardless of the side i am laying on. I love feeling him move, i think hes hyper LOL. I used to be a tummy sleeper so i cant sleep on my back at all, and even if i could comfortable i know its not good for you to sleep on your back. So at this point i am at a loss of what i can or should do to help me sleep. I have also tried the body pillow thing but that really hasnt helped either. LOL. I just dont know what to do..any thoughts?


whatisgoingon - September 25

I am right there with you! I am also 27 weeks and really struggling with the whole sleep thing! If I am not getting up to go to the toilet my little man is kicking and turning inside. It's very hard to sleep when you have a little bub in your belly knocking your insides around he he. I have had really bad fatigue (anaemia and also just from being pregnant) and I just can't get enough sleep - but then I am so over-tired from not being able to sleep that it makes trying to doze off almost impossible, just making the whole crazy situation worse. *sigh* Perhaps it is our bodies getting us used to all the sleepless nights now? Whatever it is I am completely exhausted and burnt out. I am finish work earlier than expected due to this all - I just can't function throughout the work day Mon-Fri. Am so emotional (crying, sad, angry, you name it!). I didn't think this fatigue etc would hit until later in the third trimester! Guess we are just lucky hey?! lol. Don't know what there is to do about it all though, my Doctor told me just to listen to my body and rest whenever needed. (thus finishing work) and am also taking Iron tablets ontop of my antenatal vitamins to hopefully help with the anaemia. Am going back to Doctors this week though as all feels like it's gone further down hill again, will let you know if he recommomends anything at all for it. :) Hang in there and rest up! :)


dukele - September 25

Have you all looked into any gastrointestinal issues that might be plaguing you? Most insomnia comes from gastrointestinal issues even during pregnancy. The same excess stomach acid that causes acid reflux and heartburn in pregnant women can also cause sleepness nights and a mild to severe nervous feeling in your stomach thus exacerbating the sleepness nights. I would talk to your doc about a safe OTC medication for excess stomach acid if you think that might be affecting you. Sometimes you don't even feel it, but if you are able to sleep after emptying your bowels it is worth looking into. I have that problem constantly and it was only after taking OTC rantadine once daily after dinner that I was able to start getting some good sleep.



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