Not Sure If I Like My Dr

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kolleen_caudillo - February 25

im 21 weeks right now and im also a high risk pregnancy. the dr that i have is a specialist. he not only is ob-gyn he has many other hats. some days its really diffucult to reach him. its kinda frustrating. this is my 2nd child. my son is eight now. so its been a while since my last pregnancy and im experiencing things this time that i didnt last time. i have concerns. but my dr makes me feel not important or what im going thru is not a big deal. what advice do you give me?


cors1wfe - February 25

Kolleen - as much of a pain as it might be - shop around for another doctor - either that or you have to be a pest and keep calling and calling and calling - what I did with my last son was if he didn't answer I went to labor and delivery and made them see me (which is the protocol after 20 weeks) after a few trips to L&D he amazingly started returning my calls LOL - he didn't like being called in the middle of dinner LOL especially for non stress testing - which is where I was concerned about baby movement so..either way they either get on board and make you feel like the patient you are or you find a doctor that is more attentive - maybe a newer younger doctor they usually won't have as many patients....Good luck


yumymumy - February 26

do you have the option of seeing another doctor at your hospital?. i know how you feel, my first pregnancy was high risk and i am automaticaly high risk for this one, but they did not book me in for a appointment soon so i had to book one myself!! when you get hold of him tell him your concerns get a visit with him and if you are showing signs of whatever it is they should take you seriously. otherwise if he doesnt take you seriously then, seek another doctor!. remember he is a doctor and usaly most doctors dont seem to worry unless there are resons to do so. good luck!



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