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Andy - August 13

I went into the emergance room tonight because I thought I was pregnant. I have had all the symtoms, and even feel kicks ( I would be 23 weeks) My stomach is growing, and they did an ultrasound, and nothing showed up. Before I went into the ultrasound room, one of the doctors said they have been having troubles out of the new ultrasound thing (where u see the baby), it was a new one. It didnt even load my information in there. Do u think it could have been that, or am I going crazy??????? I am crying so hard right now that im not sure what do!!!!! HELP ME PLZ! Has anyone else had this problem? and please dont just say that you have just to make me feel better, I really NEED REAL answers. Thank u all So much!!! Love Andy


jb - August 13

Did they do a blood test? Thats the most reliable way to tell if you are pregnant. Have you taken home pregnancy test, if so what did they say? I would guess that you are not pregnant if they didnt see anything on the ultrasound. Maybe you want to be pregnant so badly that you are imagining symptoms? Just a guess. Good luck with everything.


holly - August 13

Hey have even been to the doctor? I mean if you figure you are 23wks you should have been to the doctor already and i hate to tell you this but if they could not see anything and your 23wks well there is a big problem why didn't you ask them while you were there it does not make any sense that you would not question the hospital unless you have some mental problem which I think you do have some issues hon or you would have been to a doctor by now so you need to get some help I wish you luck


Dee - August 13

Sorry, but I think what you have is called a phantom pregnancy. What concerns me is that you went 23 weeks without prenatal care. If you feel something in your stomach and it is not a baby you should get checked out by a doctor. If you don't have insurance any clinic (planned parenthood) will look at you cheaply. Please go as soon as possible and see what it up.


Andy - August 13

I dont really think I have phantom pregnancy. For one thing, I did not want to be pregnant, and a lot of the time I thought I might have been, I put it off.. Another thing is that I have been having my periods each month, but they are really light, and only last a few days. I have had three POSITIVE pregnancy test. I went to a midwife, and she said I felt pregnant, almost 12 weeks pregnant. I did ask the doctor, and they said everything was fine in there. I just dont understand all of this. I am not a fat person, and do not gain weight good at all. I weigh 110. and the only thing that has been growing is my belly, and my b___sts.


telly - August 13

Andy, I am so confused. If you are pregnant, have had positive tests, and you have a doctor you have been seeing for all this time who has been confirming it, then why did they not find anything on your ultrasound. It seems so weird that they would say, "sorry, nothing there". Did you not demand they use another machine? Did you go straight home and call you real doctor? I mean, I guess I don't understand why you are posting here and not freaking out more in the sense that by now, if I would have called my doctor freaking out. I mean, I know it is Saturday but they have an answering service.


EGH - August 13

What do you mean the doctor said, "everything was fine in there"? Did the doctor actually check you out? If so, then why would you go to the emergency room because you think you are pregnant. I too am really confused.


Evy - August 13

Yes, please hon, clarify because we want to help you but it is hard if we don't fully understand. We don't want to judge you unfairly but I think some of us are having trouble understanding whether you have or have not been going to a doctor these past few weeks. The reason we ask is because by week 8 our doc's usually detect a heartbeat, and then around 20 or sooner we have the first ultrasound. Have you or have you not been going to a doctor? I don't think you will find people who have had the problem of feeling a baby kick and then seeing nothing there on the ultrasound. Please, if you are sure you are pregnant, go get another ultrasound and keep us updated. I really do want to help but I don't know how.


lana - August 13

OMG, you poor thing. How scary to have that happen....are you doing okay now? Have you called your doctor?


Andy - August 13

I have not been to a doctor for check ups, or anything. Just to a midwife three times. Around 10 weeks, she thought she heard a faint heart beat, but she really wasnt sure. After I went back the third time she did not hear anything. So I knew by that that I wasnt pregnant. But still all of these symptoms have happened. The only thing the doctor seen was a little cyst. I asked her this ..."is that a bad thing? it bad? could it be the reason why im having all these symptoms, and my stomach is growing? .. and all she said was " no, no, its not a bad thing" and she said we are all done. She called in to have someone roll me back to my room, and while she was on the phone I could hear her getting really mad saying " I cant believe u brought me in for this. She isnt even old enough to get into a bar, more less then need a ultrasound." (im 19) That really hurt me. I feel bad that they had to call her in from home, but how was I to know!!!! None of this seems to make sense!!! I feel so lost! Thanks for your post!! In some way it makes me feel better!!! Andy


jaime - August 14

Hi Andy, How are you? I am new to this webpage, and have been for 2 months. I find your questions interesting because I have a cyst also. The only thing I was wondering is if it could make my stomach grow. . I did not really have any symtoms, but I do look at least 4 months pregnant. I have 3 kids of my own, and I havent had a cyst before so I am wondering. Well hopefully we all will hear from you soon. Take care, and tell us how it goes


Chrissy - August 14

Andy, I suggest you talk to a Gynocologist. They will be really helpful to you and they won't be judgemental at all. I had a benign cyst a couple of years ago. I did feel a little nauseated when i had mine and felt a little bump when I layed on my stomach. They need to tell you what kind of cyst it is, and they should tell you. My stomach didn't bulge, But mine was 4 or 5 centimeters. People do have bigger cysts. Call a gynocologist and they will give you peace of mind and handle you better than the upset nurse did. Good luck. Oh, the gynocoligist will also have to technology to do an ultrasound there. SO do it!!!


alicia - August 16

About the question with the cyst...I had a cyst about 5-6 months before i got pregnant. the doctor told me that the ultrasound determined that it was only about the size of a centimeter in diameter but it caused me not to get my period for 3 months and a weight gain. However i certainly did not have any positive pregnancy tests or movements. But when i asked my doctor a week ago if that cyst would play a role in my pregnancy now (im 16 weeks) because i had been having pains right around my ovaries like i did with the cyst he said that anytime one is pregnant the ovaries for a cyst that it kind of like does the job the placenta does early on in the pregnancy before the placenta is formed...I didnt really question it other than that because i go in next week to get the triple screen and the ultrasound done. He said he'd have the tech check the ovaries as well just because i had a history of one....If you've had positive test results how far along do you think they were? You may have been and then miscarried maybe since you have been getting a light period? Well good luck and i hope you figure out whats going on. its awfully scarynot knowing whats going on with your body.


what?!?! - August 16

Why in the world are you 23 weeks and still don't know if you are pregnant?!?!? What about prenatal care? Have you even taken a home test?


Andy - August 22

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I went back to the doctors, and they said my cyst is going down, so it should not bother me by next month!!!


Margaret - August 23

hey Andy, I think it could be alot of things..if they were telling you something was wrong with the machine..definetly go with that first because that happened to me my first sonagram as well..and even though they loaded my info they had my cervix measurements wrong and had me very you could be imagining your syptoms-there is a scientific term for it...and the last thing is that your baby could be hiding. The most important question is how did you go to the hospital and they didn't do a blood or urine test before you even went to get a sonogram???


disbelief - August 23

Maybe it's a tumor.



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