Nothing But TROUBLE Can T Take Any More

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Mandy1984 - May 4

Hi all I'm 17.5 weeks pregnant, this is my 4 pregnancy (2 healthy 1 m/carriage) and I feel terrible, My 1 st pregnancy I took a massive DVT (clot) which nearly killed me but from the pregnancy aspect all went well, healthy baby, no morning sickness ect... My 2nd pregnancy I was terriblely ill with sickness til around 5 mths then I wsa ok, My 3 pregnancy I m/carryed at 18.5weeks, This pregnancy has been a nightmare!!!! I feel I just can't take anymore :( I suffer from pain in my leg from my previos clot, sometimes the pain is soooo bad that I feel like sticking a knife into it, I very rarely get to sleep before 3am with the pain....I used to get morphine everyday but because I am pregnant I have switched to a pill called kapak which is an extremely hige codeine painkiller... I have lost nearly 15lbs in weight due to sickness, I have been admitted to hospital 3 times so far with the pain in my leg, and other problems, I get really badly constip[ated becasue of the pain killers and was admitted at 13 weeks when my bowel dropped and was basically sticking out my butt (TMI) I then fell 2 weeks ago when I got a sudden pain in my leg, My pain killers make me constantly feel sick, I have to take 6 injections per day to keep my blood thin which leave painful bruises, I just feel terrible, I have said to the doctors a number of times but nobody listens, I cry almost everyday as I can't cope anymore with the pain and sickness, Sorry for venting just can't take anymore


HannahBaby - May 4

im so sorry honey but just think you will be holding a little baby in your hands in 5 months and then it will all be worth it


AppleCake - May 5

Oh poor you! I hope you feel a little better for writing it is so miserable being pregnant and suffering- especially when others around you are "glowing". I had a text book pregnancy last time, but this time has been pretty awful (although not quite in your league!). I'm not enjoying it at all this time, and have even started counting down the weeks already. I do feel quite guilty about this. All I can say is remember it is for a relatively short time really (well, ok it doesn't seem like it until you look back afterwards!) keep on at the docs, grit your teeth and be strongX


Neets - May 5

Hey Mandy - sorry to hear about your suffering. It certainly puts my issues into perspective. Hopefully, as with your other pregnancies things will get better. Will this be your last baby? x


Mandy1984 - May 5

thanks, I know u are all right, another 5 mths and its over. Neets yea I think I will make this my last, I am considering starting a journal and writing down just how bad I feel and if I ever feel broody again I will read it over and over until the notion pa__ses lol. Applecake I know what you mean about everyone else 'glowing' I attend the maternity hospital every 4 wks for a scan and th eother women seem to be 'blooming' where I seem to be withering lol...** How far along are all of you? I am 17 weeks 5days and COUNTING... Also do any of you know the your little bubs s_x?? Its against my hospitals policy to tell you the s_x but depending of the doctor some times they will tell, I have a scan on Monday I will be 18 wk +1 Is it still too early to tell the s_x??


SuzieQ - May 5

Mandy - I'm sorry to hear how rough things are going for you. Journaling is a really good way to help deal with an overload of life. I have three old journals filled with everything from a few years ago, and when I read them (only once in awhile) it makes me realize how much I've learned. Anyways, it's not for everybody, but if it works - it works. For your scan, they should be able to tell - unless someone has their legs crossed :)


Neets - May 5

I'll be 16 wks tomorrow. I think you probably can tell the s_x by 18 wks but more accurately by 20wk. Let us know if you manage to find out the s_x. Writing a journal about this pregnancy is a useful thing. Take care and stay'll be over soon enough.


AppleCake - May 5

I am 23 weeks at the moment- but feeling about 33! This will absolutely be my last, I'm not volunteering to play this game baby was being such a jumping bean we couldn't get a clear b___t shot. I am going to ask when I go in for my next (and hopefully last. Ever.) scan at 33 weeks. My hospital has no policy, but if you don't ask the s_x, they don't go down there! I don't think I need to write a journal- my dh will def remind me how I feel now if I ever get broody again!x


Mandy1984 - May 5

Where you all from, I'm from UK (N.Ireland, sunny sunny Belfast NOT!!) Also have any of you chose any names yet? My partner and I can't agree, my girls are named shannon and bethany we both picked their names but this time we can agree on NOTHING lol I like Issac, kiern or caleb for a boy and he likes wyatt For a girl I like hanna, anna, annie or molly he likes paige, verity, felicity..But I'm not giving in ha ha ha, Well I told hime I would comprise, if he could be pregnant for the next 5 months instead of me then he could call it what ever he likes lol.... I really hope they tell me th es_x of the baby, I couldn't wait that I ordered almost all the newborn outfits from Baby Gap in pink and blue, (OTT) My youngest just turned 2 on the 29th April and her clothes now look ma__sive compared to newborn size and she only wears size 18mth... Its amazing how you forget how tiny a new baby really is!! My 1st weighed 5lbs and 7 ozs but that was 1 month early, litle beth weighed 5lbs and 14ozs and that was full term so I doubt that this baby will weigh more than 6.5lbs, which is a good weight as the doctor said that people with clotting disorders tend to have smaller babies :) What are all your worst symptoms at the minute, my is between sickness and constipation :(, but I have to admitt I do like my new ( . ) ( . )'s lol.....


mandee25 - May 6

Wow Mandy1984 you have been through way too much in your pregnancies and I feel so bad for you! I hope everything from now on is okay and that you feel better. Good luck girl!


falafal0 - May 7

Wow Mandy, I really feel for you. IT's hard enough having a healthy pregnancy, let alone having health problems at the same time. I do hope it all settles down as much as it can for you and your family. It's so much harder also if you have kids to take care of at the same as yourself! I have three children, my oldest is almost ten so he's my big helper. I'm 25 weeks along and only now am starting to feel half human again. This baby seems to be as active as all the others, getting stronger day by day. Another little boy...three boys for us and a girl and that's it!! But DH would like one or two more. Good luck to daughter broke my tailbone during birth, and ever since I"ve been feeling it. Now being pregnant, it's really started up and apart from the low blood pressure causing me dizziness and things, it's really getting to me. SHould only get worse too the more I go along, like it did with my last pregnancy. I live in Australi, gorgeous Autumn weather at the moment, couldn't ask for better. I think though, because it sounds like you have a bit of depression too, which I have sometimes, to make sure that you have SOMEONE who will listen and believe you, to take you seriously. It is serious stuff that you're going through. The boyd makes amazing changes normally, but you are dealing with more than the usual. Please take care of yourself and rest when you can. I smiled at the last comment you made in your last post, the fact that you are liking your new ( . ) ( . )'s! I must admit too, that we're enjoying them too. I'm smallt o begin with, and after b___stfeeding three babies, it's taken their toll on them so even though they're not huge or anything, it's great anyway! Got to love that part of pregnancy!!


Mandy1984 - May 8

Hey falafal0 I really cringed at the broken tail bone, I can only imagine the pain. The past couple of days I have been feeling better, I got a splint on my leg which means my foot dosn't turn in as much and I can walk a lot further and easier!! It wasn't susposed to help with the pain but I really notice a difference, I havn't had to take any painkillers for a few days and I havn't vomitted once, I guess I feel the best I have done since falling pregnant, I had another scan today and the doctor refused to tell me the s_x of the baby and i am absolutely raging!!!! I get another scan in 4 weeks so hopfully it will be a different doctor, and they tell me. I would really LOVE a boy but would be just as happy with a girl, but this will more than likely be my last (3 c/sections) so a boy would be lovely as I have 2 girls now..**falafal0 ** I also have low blood pressure, not too low, but lower than the 'norm' and would get dizzy if I stand up too quick but the doctor wasn't sure if it was because of my low level of iron or blood pressure causing it, I was told to sleep with my legs up on pillows so my feet are up higher than my waist, does that make any sense to you? Have you been given any advise as to how to raise your BP?.



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