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Too tired - November 6

I am 27 weeks, almost into my third trimester, and I am getting so behind on everything. I feel like the nursery is never getting done. I am too tired to do my weekly chores. My house is a mess! I am too tired to workout. I am started to get stressed. When does this supposed nesting start??? Does anyone have any housework tricks to get me going. I don't want to bring my baby home to a pig sty!!


me too - November 6

No advice, just the comfort of company! I am in the same boat! I've been too ashamed about the current state of my house to recruit help from friends and family, but it may get to that.


erin - November 6

Do you work? That may have something to do with it. If so, and if possible, you may want to think about cutting down on hours or something. Don't be ashamed to ask for help from family or friends with the chores, they very likely would love to help. And if not, a messy house and unfinished nursery are not the end of the world! My last baby came home to a messy house and just a plain unthemed bedroom. He is now turning two and it's not still that way (he didn't care at the time anyway). Go for a nice walk and take a bubble bath and don't worry so much. Things will turn out just fine!


Maggie - November 6

The need to "nest" usually comes between weeks 30-34. The best advice I can give you is do what you can. Your pregnant so its perfectly fine to not do anything if you don't feel up to it. Listen to your body, if you're tired than rest. Excessive fatigue means you're not getting enough rest, so get the rest you need so that you'll have the energy to do the housework. Don't worry about working out because housework and setup is a workout in itself. Also make your man do as much of it as he can, because he has to understand (and so do you) that you have physical limitations now.


jb - November 6

I know how you feel. I am almost 26 and usually I feel so lazy, b/c I just dont have the energy to clean my house like I used. I hate when my house is dirty but I still cant seem to clean as much. I get tired more easily. I am exhausted and feel I really did too much this weekend. I painted the babies nursery all by myself, which includes moving furniture around by myself. Then I went through 3 huges rubbermaid tubs of baby clothes that a friend gave, I had to move these too. I washed all the clothes in them. I did regular laundary too. And today I swept my house and straighten up. My legs and feet are killing me. I dont recommend over doing it!!! Maybe try to take things, one chore a day. Like come home and pick up the living room, then the next day vacuum, and so on. Ask hubby and partner for help too!!!! :o)


sparkles - November 6

Ask family or friends for help getting things picked up. I'm sure they'll understand and be willing to help out. Get your dh to take over some household chores or the things that are wearing you out. Try to simplify things-use paper plates/cups and plastic silverware so you don't have to do dishes, order carryout for dinner or buy a bunch of quick tv dinners, keep your dirty laundry basket next to the washer/dryer so you don't have to run all over the house collecting the laundry, keep baskets here or there around your house so you can drop items in them when your too tired to put them away-then sort through them later when you have the energy, pick one day during the week for hubby to help you clean the house and get done the things that are waiting. Hope these ideas help. Most importantly......don't wear yourself out trying to get everything done! Your health and your baby's health are most important. All the household chores will eventually get done at some point, so don't stress yourself out too much over them.



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