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debbie80 - February 17

I went yesterday for my NT test at 12 weeks. My little one was so active that the tech could not get the measurments. After about 20 minutes of trying, she told me that she couldnt find it and to come back next week. I am 26 yrs old and healthy, what are the odds that my baby could have something wrong with it? My dh doesnt want me to go back next week...he said just let it be....I know those test have so many false positives...I just wanted to get some feed back about this test....thanks


squished - February 17

I haven't heard many stories of the NT test having a false positive, but that may be just me. I would go for another u/s next week just to get to see the little bean again :) and it's not going to hurt anything to have another.


jenshim - February 17

I had mine last week. Our baby was wiggling around too and she had a hard time getting the measurement, but regardless, she said she could tell that the folds behind the neck were so thin there was nothing to worry about. We found out we're having a boy, too! I was 12w4d. Before the test was done our chance of downs was 1/290. Now, after the test it is 1/9900. It was worth it, those numbers are great!!


jen327 - February 17

Yes, I too went and had a great experience. I think the knowlege is great, and the false pos with this test are low, it is the AFp test that has a higher amout of false post. Plus another peak at the baby, why not. My risk was liek 1/290 and now 1/10,501. I felt it was worth it. Don't drink any caffine or sugar before your test, that will make the baby more active. I know people do it to try and find the s_x, but for this test you don't want to. Good luck.


wrightofway - February 17

Bottom line: if the tech or doc tell you there is increased risk of downs or other issues based on the NT u/s and blood work... are you going to terminate your pregnancy, or plan for adoption for this child? If not... then it doesn't matter what the tests show. I'd go (like someone else pointed out) just to see the little bean again. :) Ohhh... and I do believe that there are a high number of false positive results... I did research on this with first pg... and thats what I learned... high rate of false positives!


TamaraAngel - February 18

Well... i debated on whether or not i should go for the NT scan and then decided not to since i'm only 27 years old. So i missed that "window of opportunity" b/c i think you can only have it done between like 11w - 13w6d or something. Unfortunately, my quad screen came back with a 1:17 chance of DS at 17w, so i wish i had gone for that NT scan back when i had the chance so i would have more info on liklihood. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that i had a false positive on the quad screen and i'm considering it a good sign that my level II showed no markers for D/S. Bottom line: i wish i had done the NT instead and if that had looked normal then i prob would not have gone for the quad screen, which does have such a high rate of false positives. I will not get the quad screen in future pregnancies b/c it has caused too much heartache and anxiety for me.


flipthea - February 18

My doc never mentioned anything about the NT test! Now I'm past 13 weeks so does that mean I can't get it done anymore?


debbie80 - February 19

Thanks everyone for your responses. I am 26 years old and healthy. I have had 2 previous m/c before...I think that is the only reason why I would want to get the test done but dh doesnt want to get it...its always nice to see the little one on TV though...I will keep you al psoted.


lily10 - February 20

What does NT stand for and what is this test?


debbie80 - February 21

It when the tech measures the amount of fluid in the back of the baby's neck..this helps determine if there could be downs or not....


TamaraAngel - February 21

It stands for Nuchal Translucency or something like that


debbie80 - February 21

Tamara... how are things going for you? Are you able to relax now and enjoy this pregnancy? I am acatually going for my NT test tomorrow, so hopefully the baby will be on its best behavior so we can measure...lol hope all is well to everyone!


TamaraAngel - February 22

Hi Debbie -- Yeah, i have definitely taken it as a good sign that the Level II showed no markers. Plus the baby looked great and had good muscle tone, according to the doctor. He was waving his hands and opening his mouth. I'm staying optimistic. I still worry constantly. I have a regular u/s tomorrow with the tech... and i get so nervous before ultrasounds! I still haven't felt the baby move at all. Once i do, i think i'll be a bit more at ease... i hope. Good luck with the test today. Let us know how it goes! :o)


sonia989 - February 22

I'm 35 and my baby's NT was 1.2mm. This lowered my risk of Down's to something like 1/3000 and other trisomies to 1/25 000, and that is taking my age into account. If you are 26 your risk is really low anyway. I didn't get any other tests donw after that except the 20-week u/s cause I felt it was just a case of there being too much technology available. The risk of false positives or complications from the testing was bigger than the risk of trisomy. Besides, I wouldn't have aborted the baby anyway.


debbie80 - February 22

Sonia thanks for sharing your expereicne with your test. I am going tonight so keep your fingers crossed for me!! I am alway so nervous and scared when I lay on that table!! Even though last week I saw the baby moving all around and a strong heart beat of 162 I always feel like something could go wrong....I will be 13 weeks tomorrow so I believe that I will be entering into the second trimester now..yea!!! I will keep you posted upon my return home..thanks =)


debbie80 - February 23

I went for my NT test yesterday and everything turned out just fine. It took the tech a good 20 minutes to get the measurements because this little one was so darn active..lol she said everything looked good...I even got some good pictures too....I am so happy


jen327 - February 23

I am so happy for you. I think it was the best u/s I have seen yet of my little one and even though the test is a good important one that will ease your mind, you get some really neat pictures. And my OB said the false positives are much higher with the AFP test then the u/s. But congrats. We went back for our 16 weeks scan because of my blood clot on the placenta and found out we are having a BOY!! YEAH!!



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