Nuchal AFP Test

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forevermissed - March 3

Has anyone had a similar experience?? I am a little worried now. I am 16 weeks right now and things have been going well. I had my nuchal done at 11 weeks and things looked great and they didn't see anything to be concerned about. I just took an AFP test last week which also checks to see if there is a chance for abnormalities and I heard back today that my bloodwork indicated a 1:460 chance of downs. At first he said that he thought I should do the amnio. But, I asked him why the AFP would read this way and the nuchal said 1:10,00 chance. He said because the nuchal didn't indicate any abnormalities that I didn't have to worry about the amnio and he also said the nuchal was a far more accurate test. He also said that if I hadn't done the nuchal then I would have had to do the amnio to rule things out. Now, I am just worried..... Any other similar stories or words of wisdom.


LeslieM - March 4

hi nuchal measured .7mm and my doc said 3.5mm and above is when they start to worry. she also said the nuchal test is very accurate, so i am not doing any other tests..and i am not worried at all. hope this helps...hugs.


LAUR81 - March 4

My doctor also told me the nuchal test is way more accurate then the AFP test.


forevermissed - March 5

Thanks, I am sure everything is fine. Just wanted to hear other thoughts. :)


cors1wfe - March 5

For exactly this reason I skipped the AFP with all three of my pregnancies I think that AFP generates too much worry. I wouldn't worry I am sure you bean is just fine! HUGS


mom_of_1 - March 10

I have heard of alot of women getting false positive results with the AFP test and then they do the Amino and everything is fine. I personally had the NT scan and it came back normal so I said no the AFP for this reason. I work at an Ultrasound faciality and we have been told over and over that the NT is WAY more accurate then the AFP. I am sure your little one is perfect!


alirenee86 - March 11

If he said the nuchal is more accurate, go with those odds as they're as good as you can get, I think, and try not to stress the second test. If it makes you feel a bit better, with the nuchal, my previous ob/gyn told me HER odds came out as 1:100 and she had a perfectly healty baby, no abnormalities at all. I almost feel like I hate these tests as much as the technology is great to detect these possible things, but it just worries you! I go for mine today. My odds with my first were 1:10,000 or whatever is the smallest odds. I'm praying for the same!!



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