Nuchal Translucency

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Shiva - November 6

Hi Ladies!! I am 8w2d today and have a question. My doctor gave me an appointment for nuchal translucency on my 12w2d, I am not sure what they will do in this and they said it could take whole day also depends how baby helps them to do this test and they asked me to get snacks, Juices and my lunch also. Do you know about this? Is this test for all Pregnent womens??


sarah21 - November 6

I never had one. It is for trying to detect chromosomal abnormalities. The NT test uses ultrasound to measure the clear (translucent) space in the tissue at the back of your developing baby's neck. Babies with abnormalities tend to acc_mulate more fluid at the back of their neck during the first trimester, causing this clear space to be larger than average. Just remember that this test is not definitive-- if you get abnormal results, you could still have a perfectly normal baby. It isn't entirely necessary either, but take it anyway because it's another chance to see your precious one! As for taking the whole day, I don't see why. But if you would like a good website that explains it more, go to and leave the dashes in.


Shiva - November 6

Thanks!!! Sarah for the information it really helped me to understand NT term. Can anyone else share there experience who had this NT test??? I am worried because if it is not for all Preggo why they specially asked me to come for this Test.


ROBYN - November 6

SHIVA - i had the NT scan at 12w3days and 16w3days there are 2 parts to the test the 1st trimester testing MUST be done by 13w6days and 2nd trimester testing is done 4 weeks later along with blood work for both sets of scans. Like Sarah said they are looking for thickness in the neck there are measurements that are in the "safe" zone and measurements that cause concerns that they would request additional testing. My babys scan was completely normal but part 1 and part 2. The b/w from part 1 is compared to part 2 for accuracy and that also came out normal. At the 16 week scan we were also able to get the s_x of the baby. Since the u/s are more detailed. We also met with a genetic counselor prior to the test that day to go over family history with DH and I to see if chances are increased for abnormalities. The u/s itself is about 30-45 min long depending on how baby cooperates. We did about 20 min on the abdomen for an u/s and about 10 min on the transv____al u/s. The b/w was around 3 or 4 vials i remember. Good luck to you. For reasons why the may have asked you to come in could be age as a factor, if you are 35 or older they kinda push these tests on you. If there is previous history of any abnormalities in the family with babies or they just want to offer you test. You dont have to do it if you dont want to. Many people regardless of the outcome will keep their pregnancies so for them it doesnt matter if they do the testing or not. We wanted to know regardless if there was any type of problems so we could handle our situation accordingly. Also we did IVF our 1st IVF in November we got pregnant and thru the NT scan at 13/12 weeks we found out we lost all the amniotic fluid unfortunately we had no choice but to terminate the pregnancy at 14 1/2 weeks. So if we didnt do our NT scan we would have not know for several more weeks that we had no fluid. This is extremely rare and never repeats itself. So when we got pregnant again in June our 2nd IVF we were doing this test regardless. I have no regrets doing it.


cynthia502 - November 6

Hi Shiva - I had this test done at 13 weeks and 3 days. It was suggested that I do so because of my "advanced maternal age" (I am 39). Robyn is right on...the u/s took about 40 minutes. I only had a pelvic u/s however. They also took blood, but just a few smears to put on a card that they mailed away. It was during my u/s that we found out we were having twins! So, if I hadn't of had this done, I wouldn't have knows until my typical 20 week scan. So, that is one good thing. Everything measured and tested ok thankfully. I go back on the 21st for my mid-point scan. I will be 19 weeks then. Good luck to you!


Happymommy - November 6

Hi Shiva--I am surprised that your dr did not just give you the option of the test. It is not necessary for all pregnant women, it is like what the other women said---to test for chromosomal abnormalities. Some women want to be screened for this, others would prefer not to know until the birth. Like Robyn said, her family felt that they could better handle a situation ahead of time. I, on the other hand do not get any of the tests because I think I would stress over it so much, and would handle it better at birth. There is not a right way, but it is a personal decision, and it should be yours to make.



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