Numb Extremeties

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zinger43 - February 8

Hey this something I should be concerned about? Everytime I wake up at night (which is quite frequent) my hands and/or feet are asleep. I know that some of it may be the position that I am sleeping in, but I've never experienced it even close to this much before. I started about 3 nights ago. I am 14 weeks. I do have a checkup with my ob tomorrow and am planning to bring this up but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this happen or if it is something that needs to be addressed. THanks!


aaaaaaaaaa - February 8

My legs go numb every night now. Itll only get worse :)


Tracy88 - February 8

I have heard that it can happen more frequently during pregnancy. I am 25 weeks, and only recently started waking up to a numb or asleep arm. My legs don't fall asleep. Still, ask the doc about it and make sure that you are sleeping with numerous pillows for support and comfort.


TamaraAngel - February 9

Oh i can't stand it. I'm 18 weeks and it started like 4 weeks ago. It's getting progressively worse. Last night i woke up four times with numb, tingly hands and symptoms of carpal tunnel... like achy bones in my hands and fingers. I had asked the doctor and she said it's fairly common during pregnancy and suggested that i sleep with wrist braces at night. As if i'm not uncomfortable enough trying to sleep!!


lily10 - February 9

This has happened to me as well. My arms go numb sometimes in the middle of the night. This is very annoying!


MichelleB - February 9

Join the club...every night! an arm, a leg. I havent found a position that when I wake up something isnt numb! Ididnt have it that early though. 29 weeks today.


jessicaspatherapist - February 9

i wake up constantly with my entire arm asleep from laying on it! i have to shake it and it feels so gross!!! lately i've been having leg and groin cramps at night too....what fun!


Tracy88 - February 9

TamaraAngel, and anyone else really, I have carpal tunnel and when it acts up I sleep with a wrist guard that I bought at the drug store, and after a few days it goes away. I threw my last wrist guard away, but apparently need to go buy another one because pregnancy is making it act up again. The wrist thing works though, so try it.


jen327 - February 9

I have this problem too. It freaks me out. I am 14 weeks and wake up and it is like my arms is going to fall off. There has to be a solution. I need to sleep without feeling like my limbs dont work. Plus it is so painful when it comes back to life.


TamaraAngel - February 9

Thanks Tracy i will definitely try the wrist guards. I just read in one of my baby books that it is a result of fluid retention. So i wonder if there are certain foods that make it better or worse?


wailing - February 10

They say alot of times that the numbness comes from lying on your back. All your baby weight presses on your Vena Cava, which is a major vein for blood flow. I always try to fall asleep on my side and use a pillow to block me from slipping onto my back in the middle of the night. It helps alot. They also say laying on your LEFT side gives u and your baby the best amount of circulation. Hope this helps



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