Numb Hands

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Donna - June 17

I am 20 weeks pregnant and for the past 2 months have been waking EVERY night with numb hands, which changes to pins and needles once I move. I now have permanent numbness in the end of several of my fingers. I have seen 3 doctors and can't get a straight answer. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome was suggested, except last night the pins and needles started in my feet as well. I have no sign of swelling. This all occurs regardless of what position I sleep in. It feels like my circulation is being cut off. Anyone else experiencing this?


susie - June 17

I get complete numbness in my hands and arm... as if there gone all floppy and about to drop off... im 19 weeks pregnant and ive been having these for past few months too... Itz annoying that i get woken up in the middle of the night from the slightess thing but wakening up to numbness and them pins n needles doesnt make me a happy bunny. It must be something to do with bad circulation while pregnant thats what i was told. But i dont know what way to help you huni!! have u even tried searching it up on the net? let me know how u get on at [email protected] e-mail me or add me to msn which ever love susie xxxx <3


Audrea - June 18

I am 24 weeks and having been dealing with the same problem. I would wake up with numb hands, and my feet go numb very easily when I sit a certain way. Now in my left hand my pinky finger is completely numb along with half of the finger right beside it, the ring finger. I was told it is carpal tunnel syndrome and is very very common during pregnancy. My OB said it was due to the extra fluids that put pressure on the nerves. Was told it would all go away after I give birth once the extra fluids are gone. Just another symptom of pregnancy we have to deal with. I would much rather have this than the horrible all day sicknes vomiting on the hour . Oh my gosh, and the headaches I used to get. They went away around 20 weeks or so. I can deal with this no problem.


Donna - June 18

Thanks for the replies. It is sometimes just comforting to hear that others are going through the same sort of thing (not that I would wish it on anyone). In regards to Carpel Tunnel.......anyone know if it is something similar in the feet?


jordane - September 22

its good to know that theres a name for it. Been waking up with this numbness for a week now but thought it was the way i slept. I can still feel my fingers tingling.This morning both my shoulders and hands were hurting and didnt stop despite ma__sage. I was in tears. I have put up with a lot in this pregnancy but this is weirder- by far. The constipation was not fun either. Guess i hav to put up with this one too.


Amy from MN - September 22

Hi Donna, The same thing happened to me in my 2nd pregnancy, But the good news is, it went away right after I delivered my baby. My Doctor said it was pregnancy induced Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I remember the feeling of the numbness and pins and needles. It was not fun. Good Luck. ~Amy~


Dani - September 22

I have this same problem. Mostly when i sleep on my side. They say not to sleep on your back, but that is when i have the least problems. I can still somewhat sleep on my tummy but feel guilt when i do. My shoulders go numb,my ribs and arms. My legs go numb as well, but when i see a certain way for a while. It goes away as long as i dont stay in one possition for a long period of time. Good luck to all!


Donna - September 23

It's been a while since I have had a reply on here! Now 33 weeks pregnant. The numbness was diagnosed as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and has been fixed with wrist splints. The physio at our local hospital fitted them and they worked straight away. Have worn them to bed ever since.


Wanda - September 23

I can relate to your pain!!! Im 25 weeks pregnant and have been having numbness in both hands since about 20 weeks. My doctor has said its Carpal Tunnel and that it is due to the fluid rentention putting pressure on the nerves. She says once the baby is delivered it will go away. I have splints that I use at work and at night, but as of late they havent been helping much. The pain is sooo unbearable sometimes. I do have a lot of swelling going on in my feet- especially at night. Good luck!!!


Kim C - April 9

I am 31 weeks and at approximately 29 weeks I started feeling some tingling in my fingers it has now moved to numbness and lots of pain. I can't lay down for more than 1 or 2 hours even at night. I walk the floors for relief. My chiropractor says it could be a pinched nerve but I haven't done anything to hurt myself. But my baby doctor really doesn't seem to think it is a big deal. He doesn't feel my pain. Kim



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