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megzi_03 - March 8

I'm having a girl in July & am constantly online looking at bedding for my nursery. I'm obsessed! Unfortunately I haven't found 'the one' yet. What are you all planning for your little one's arrival?


AML - March 8

Hello! I am having a boy and after much thought and tons of looking in stores and online, we have decided to do a "baby sports" theme....has bears and boyfriend is a huge sports fan and I love the colors in the beding set so i thought what the heck! Have you looked on They have some cute stuff for girls!!! Congrats!!


megzi_03 - March 8

I haven't checked Walmart yet... surprisingly enough! Thanks for the tip!


Tillie - March 8

Megzi, I'm obsessed too, mainly because I hate everything I see! I've looked at many brands, including Lambs & Ivy and Bananafish, but I find everything way too... commercial, for lack of a better word. I don't want a theme, I don't want figures--just elegant, tasteful bedding in lemon yellows and whites and lavenders (I'm having a girl, obviously). I can't seem to find simple bedding ANYWHERE! I'd love to hear what others have found, and where.


Roary - March 9

I have resorted to making my own bed quilt, crib book, floor matt, etc for the baby, because I was so horrified by some of the imagery-- and colour combination--I found at the stores.


SuzieQ - March 9

Has anyone else considered 'all natural' bedding? There's a line at that appeal to my (but not my budget!) . The colors are fairly neutral, but was wondering if anyone else is concerned about chemicals and all that.


livdea - March 9

I just found out I'm having a little girl and I've decided to do her room in bright, fresh colors. The main color will be white but I'm accenting everything in bright pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and aqua! These colors are really popular at target right now and I just went yesterday after my u/s and bought some funky not really baby stuff but a bright green bin that I'll use for lotions, diapers, that kind of stuff. And I got a bright blue soft blanket, a bright yellow lamp and I'm actually using a shower curtain as a window has a huge beautiful orange flower on it and I'm going to put a shade behind it. And I think I'll be making my own bedding to match...though I haven't really looked to see whats out there. so her room will be done in brights, flowers, and b___terflys!


Aimes - March 9

Potterybarn Kids has awesome stuff. They have a tule one this is beautiful, and a lot of other pretty ones


Mindi - March 9

We are having a little boy and dh and I went with the "Go Team" theme from Kids Line. We got it at Baby Depot. I think they have a website, but sometimes the pictures can be deceiving. Good luck!


ShellyC - March 9

We registered at Babies 'R' Us and we picked Gossamer Wings which has lavender, pink, pale yellow, pale green and aqua with b___terflies, ladybugs, cute little snails, ets. Very girly and adorable :)


Lilly - March 9

Tillie, I understand your problem! I feel the same way, everything looks too "cutesy" and like you said commercial to me! After much searching I have found great stuff at potterybarn kids, they even have a bedding thats yellow lavender and white with hints of green, for a girl obviously! It very " gentle" and doesn't stand out, I lopve it, however pottery barn is a bit pricey I must admit, and way out of my budget ;-( They also had very elegant looking stuff in pink rose, and pink toile, none of it looks too kiddie!


Been There - March 9

Roary, I wish I was talented enough to sew everything. I'm sure I'd have fun doing it and add my own little flare if I could.


megzi_03 - March 9

It sounds like lots of cute ideas. Been There, I wish I had that talent as well. ShellyC, I actually looked at the gossamer wings not too long ago and thought it was adorable. Aimes, I'm a huge fan of Pottery Barn bedding too. They have so many cute things for girls right now, and boys. Tillie, I like Bananafish as well. I have several things in mind, as I stated. One of my favorites right now is the Sweet as a Daisy at Babies R Us. You can also find it on It's accessories are adorable & I'm a fan of the lavendar. We'll see... my mind is always changing.


Tillie - March 9

Lilly, I did look at Pottery Barn Kids, actually! That was definitely the best stuff I'd seen, aside from some bedding at Bellini which was--are you sitting down?--about $850 for a set which included bumper, sheets and bed skirt. I was stunned. After that, Pottery Barn didn't seen so bad...


AML - March 9

$850 and it doesnt include the furniture? LOL! thats INSANE!!!! I think I'm going to faint! lol


Tillie - March 9

Yes, and they said "it sells like crazy!" I bet.


crystal1 - March 12

which is the best discounted store...i cannot afford too expensive..thanks..



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