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Shana - December 14

We are having a boy in March. We were going to have a sports theme room but my husband is ex-Army and likes the idea of a military room. Any ideas where I might find a military theme nursery? Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Dia - December 14

Wow - that is kind of a tough one! My DH is currently active duty air force, so I can understand. The only thing I can think of is to do some camo/olive drap stuff like the BDU's - like maybe dress the bears and stuffed animals in it. Not sure how hard-core army he is, but you could maybe do some type of cute little airplane theme (if hubby wouldn't kill you first!!). Make sure to have some type of American flag in it :) That is really all I could think of doing! Good luck - a good place to find this stuff would either be internet or an army/air force base - if you still have access!!!


Shelly - December 14

If he really wants a military nursery tell him for him to go and look for you in a week he will leave the decision up to you!!


Ashley Marie - December 14

Do lots of camo! You could buy fabric and hang it on the walls or paint the walls solid greens and browns and just have camo accents or Flags or airplanes! Its a cute idea too! never heard of it either!


Becky - December 15

This isn't really a military site, but is a hunting/sportsman store, and I know they have different types of camouflage crib bedding, and even some clothes. My husband is a hunter, and I'm sure if we have a boy, he will have a camo bedding set.


nd - December 15

go for sports - military is quite macho for a lil un


mel - December 15

If you do go camo, rather than the traditional browns and greens, I would go with painting the room with differnent shades of light blues. there are blue camo' also. If you sew you can make blankets and drapes easy enough. if you go camo, you'll end up doing a lot of it yourself, which would be REALLY cool if you have the time and patience. good luck.



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